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The Gift Guide That Checks Everyone Off Your Holiday List!

If you are anything like me, you still have many people on your list to get gifts for! Although I’d like to blame the new baby for my procrastination, I am always like this around the holiday time. Most people like to get their gifts purchased and wrapped around black Friday time. Well, I missed the boat on that one! I think online shopping is the way to go people. Stay at home in your cozy pajamas and get all your gifts done in one swoop. Good thing there are PJS on todays gift guide. Today’s gift guide has something for everyone. Your tech savvy hubby. Your fashionable best friend. Your sister who lives for cozy hoodies and pjs lol. I narrowed down some of my favorite gifts that are bound to be a hit! Enjoy and happy shopping everyone.

Levi’s High Wedge Skinny Jeans: Omg these jeans are amazing guys. Love the button fly and the high waist. They suck in the dreaded tummy area and have such a flattering fit to them. I am ordering them in a bunch of colors! Obsessed with the frayed hem too. My go to brand for jeans is always Levi’s. They are classic and affordable! Great gift for your sister or friend.

IDevices: This high-tech gift idea actually came from my sister Katie! With her long and late hours as a Pediatric ER doctor, she wanted a way to feel safer when coming home late at night. iDevices was the perfect solution for her, and after installing it immediately transformed her house into a smart home.

With iDevices you have the ability to control all your house lights and electronics directly from your smart phone. When Katie arrives home late at night, she can turn the lights on from her car. You can even set specific scenes so that your lights go on and off exactly where and when you want them to!

If it’s time for your kids to go to bed you can automatically have them shut off with just a simple phrase. Or when it’s dinner time you can program your house to turn the television off and turn on the dining room lights to cue the children that it’s time for a meal.

One of the things that bothers my husband the most is when I leave the house without turning off the lights. With a toddler and newborn it happens more than I’d like to admit. iDevices is definitely something that can solve this issue which I am certain is a common problem for many families. Plus saving a little on our electric bill cant hurt either! This really is the perfect gift for the tech savvy person or gadget guy in your life. And you don’t have to be a parent to reap the benefits of iDevices multitude of uses!

Eberjay Pajamas: These are heaven on earth. Their PJs are so soft. Everyone loves cozy pajamas and this brand makes really amazing high quality clothing. I wish I had 100 pairs. Great for your mom or anyone in your life who lives to be comfortable like me haha. If don’t want to spend that much…you can never go wrong with the PJs at Target either.

Oh So Cozy Hoodie: It’s winter time and even in Florida there are some colder days! It’s nice to have something in your closet to throw on when running out the door. Obsessed with this hoodie! So soft and comes in a bunch of different colors.

Herschel duffel: I feel like I’ve been giving out this gift for years now. Every guy loves this brand. They make great bags and this style is really cool too. They are super durable and last a long time. I think this bold red color really stands out and makes for an awesome gift. Great for your spouse or brother! Even your dad would appreciate this.

Key Smart: There are so many days when I pull my keys out of my bag and I am amazed by the amount of keys I have collected over the years. There is really no need for half of them and I never can find the one I actually want to use. This is a really cool device that keeps your keys organized in one compact place. This really is great for anyone on your list. I think the guys in my life would enjoy this one the most!

Wine flight holder: Ok Alison, this was made for you! This really is a great hosting present. Perfect for the ones in your life who love to throw a good party. Every hostess needs this product to tote around their wine and pass out to their guests.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets: Ok…I have been sleeping in these sheets for a month now and they are mind blowing comfortable. Literally the softest sheets I have ever slept in. They are unbelievably cozy and make getting in to bed after a long day that much better. Well worth the investment!!!! You spend so much time in your bed you deserve to have the best products there is! Anyone you give these to will be thrilled. They are a no brainer and a must have gift.

Google Home Hub: I love all these cool new tech products coming out this year! There are so many commercials for these assistant type smart screens. Is that even what you call them? All I know is that you can talk to them and they do what you want. Can I get a real assistant now lol? I was a bit nervous to try the Facebook version for privacy issues…but I love the Google Hub as well as the Echo Show. Both seem like a great gift for really anyone on your list who likes to get tech products! I have a feeling I will be getting one for the holidays…

Smokeless Grill: My mom has this and it is really an amazing appliance for your kitchen! I have to admit that I do not love to cook. I love a good BBQ but I hate all the work that goes in to it. This grill is really great. I’ve watched my mom make food on it and it is so simple. You can use it inside the house on your kitchen counter. Use it just like you would a grill outside. It doesn’t produce smoke and the food tastes amazing! It’s also super easy to clean. Great for all the food lovers on your list.

Phillips Air Fryer: This appliance was a life saver for Alison when she was doing her kitchen renovation. I made chicken in it once and seriously the chicken was so good! Better than when I cooked it on the stove. Definitely a great product to have for your kitchen. It fries your food without all that extra grease and fat.

Bauble Bar Earring Set: Bauble Bar makes some of my favorite earrings! I have created quite the collection. I love how many different choices they have. Their prices are really great (considering I lose my earrings ALOT). The perfect gift for any woman. They have so many options and colors that you are bound to find something on their site for everyone. I just gifted a couple pairs to Katie and Ali for their birthday and it was a hit.

Imak Compression Eye Mask: When I have a migraine (which is often!) I pray for someone to invent this type of cooling eye mask. So many people suffer from migraines and I would love  if someone got this for me wink wink! You can even put it in your fridge to add an extra cooling affect which is key when suffering from this kind of pain.

Life Planner: Word on the street is this is one of the best planners. Al you better get on it! Alison loves to plan her year out and she lives for a good planner. Maybe a little too much if you ask us. Each year Alison buys Katie and I one…we’ve yet to use them. But each year she tries again. It’s sweet. Maybe we should try this brand? haha

Whiskey Tube Tasters: I love going to wine bars and places that you can do a tasting. It makes it even more fun to have a sample of multiple types of alcohol. Why not?! I think this is a really fun gift. I would definitely get this for my brothers. I personally am not a whiskey drinker but I know a few who do who may enjoy this.

PhoneSoap I-phone Sanitizer and Charger: This week my son was home sick. He spent way too much time listening to music on my phone I have to admit it…but what was worse was the amount of germs he smeared on my phone. It truly was disgusting. I wish I had this product to clean my phone each day. Really who ever cleans their phone? And you carry it around every day! This is a must have…just thinking about it now makes me want to buy one for every person I know.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller: Ok I have to admit, I haven’t tried this out yet but I want to! I always see people using them on You Tube and for some reason it just looks relaxing. With the puffy eyes I have from this newborn, I think it’s time I try something new. It’s also said to relax and destress you…YES PLEASE!

North Face Tech Gloves: These are definitely for your friends and family up north…sorry but us Floridians are currently dealing with 90 degree days still. Everyone can use a new pair of winter gloves and I love that they are tech friendly. No one wants to take their gloves off when they have to text or pick up their phone!

Create Your Own Reel Viewer: Ok, How cool is this? I remember having this toy as a kid and now you can create your own. You simply upload your own personal photos and view them in the reel just as you remember. Both nostalgic and super unique! Definitely for the cooler people in your family 🙂 Someone who loves pictures and interesting out of the box gifts!

I hope this helps on your shopping journey!


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