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Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

Hi Everyone!

Happy Hanukkah to all who began celebrating last night! Last night was Jax’s first Hanukkah. Although he’s still too young to understand presents, we had to buy him a few toys. We are very lucky to be able to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in my family. My mother celebrates Christmas, so Jax is going to be overloaded with presents on all sides. Lucky boy! What’s cuter than this personalized menorah my in laws bought for him? I can’t handle the cuteness!

Speaking of gifts, it’s so much harder to pick out gifts for the men in my family than the women. After some time, I have gotten much better at figuring out what everyone likes. For today’s blog, I put together a list of some of my favorite gifts for the men in your life! I hope you are all are enjoying the holidays with your family. We certainly are!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.35.03 AM

Omg these two…too cute!

My 2015 men’s gift guide:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.33.41 AM

Briefcase– A briefcase is always an easy choice for a guy. I love this color too! And its perfect for traveling.

Fitbit– Well we all know that that the holidays bring on massive amounts of eating and packing on the weight. Well maybe with this gift will give everyone that push they need to get back into shape after the holidays! Also, guys love techy stuff!

Nice Laundry Sock Subscription– I think this is such a great idea! My husband always asks me for cool socks. Why not get a subscription and receive new socks in the mail? Plus it’s something for them to look forward to every few months!

Beats by Dre Pill– I just bought this for my hubby for our anniversary. This is a great gift for anyone. We use it for Jax’s bath time dance party, but its great for the beach, picnics, working out etc. Very portable and has great sound.

North Face E Tip Gloves– Although these may not be useful in Florida, they are perfect for someone who lives up North. North Face products are always the warmest and the E Tip is completely necessary when you want to use your phone! No one wants to take off their gloves in the cold to text!

Lodge Slippers– Cozy. Comfortable. Great holiday present.

Knit Shorts– I bought these for my hubby a few months ago and he wears them all the time! He’s not a big pajama pant kind of guy, so these were a great alternative. Plus you can even dress them up and wear them out to dinner or to run errands. Just an easy gift that the guys will love.

Whiskey Wedge– This just looks cool no? Have a party with friends and serve the guys drinks with an ice wedge.

Nike Dri Fit Pants– Dri Fit are always big hits in our family. My mom usually gets all the guys in our family the Dri Fit Nike shirts, but I think these could be a fun new update.

Shoe Shine Kit– This is the kind of gift you get someone who has everything. Not many people own their own shoe shining kit and I am sure they have needed something like this on those few special occasions. It’s very sleek and definitely a fun unique gift.


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