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best protective gear for kids going back to school

Top 10 Best Back-to-School Masks for Kids

The kids are all heading out to their first days of school this month! I know we had all hoped to be in a better place by this point, but unfortunately, we’re still very much in the middle of the pandemic. Schools around the country are requiring masks to protect our kids from spreading and contracting COVID. After the last year and a half, I feel like I am a true mask expert when it comes to the right feel and fit for kids’ masks. I have a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old, so finding the right masks hasn’t always been easy, but I definitely have found many that I would recommend! So today I’m sharing my top recommendations for protective gear for kids as they head back to school!

Mask Up – My Top 10 Favorites in Protective Gear for Kids

1. Top Trenz

One of my favorites so far is Top Trenz! They seem to fit both of my kids really well and they have been washing well too. They come in lots of fun prints and colors.

favorite kids face masks - protective gear for kids

2. Joah Love

Another favorite of mine is the Joah Love masks. For my 2.5 year old, he needs to have a lanyard or a strap most of the time since he doesn’t always keep it on his face. The fabric is super soft and he can pull it down and where it around his neck when he’s outside.


3. Amazon KN95

If you want more protection and layers, then I would go on Amazon and get some of these KN95. I will say they are not as comfortable as the other ones but they definitely offer more protection.

best protective gear for kids - face masks for school

4. Old Navy

A favorite for sure! This is actually the only style that works for us from Old Navy. The stretchy ear straps and the shape of the mask itself are what makes it work so well. We have tons of this style and they work great for both my kids’ faces.

5. Crayola

We have been using these masks from the start of the pandemic. I will say they are smaller, so they work much better for my 2.5 year old than my older son. I think they come in 2 sizes now, so definitely get the larger size if your child is over 3-4 years old.

6. Athleta

Another great choice! Breathable fabric. Super comfortable. Stays on well.

7. Woplagyreat Kids Face Mask

These come in fun prints and fit nicely on little faces. Adjustable ear straps are a must!

8. Rafi Nova

They have tons of cute prints, and the fabric is really soft. The masks have adjustable ear-loops, and a bendable nose bridge to size perfectly to your face! This style works better for us than the loops that were not stretchy.

9. Good Day Masks on Etsy

There are so many great small businesses on Etsy! I love these masks because of the fabric and the fact that they stay on well. Definitely use this opportunity to shop with small businesses when you can. I know everyone needs all the support they can get right now!

face masks to protect kids in school - protective gear for kids

10. Jill and Ally

If you have a teenager, I would definitely try out this mask! I am not sure they are kid-sized, but if you have a teen they may work. I have many of them, and they are by far my favorite mask for myself! Worth trying if you have an older kid.

Back-to-School Mask Tips

One of my top tips is to find an area in your house to hang your masks. I have different hangers for each kid. At the start of the week, I hang up 5 clean masks for school. When the week is over, I throw them all in a mesh laundry bag to be cleaned. If you just toss them in your washer, you will probably lose them in the same abyss that socks go to… Believe me – it took me a while to figure this tip out.

I LOVE mask lanyards! They are so helpful in preventing kids from losing masks at school. They’re also a great way keep masks off the dirty ground. Kids tend to drop the mask when they’re not on, like while outside or eating, and the lanyard is perfect for keeping them ready to put back on!

We have tried these disposable masks in the past, but my older son didn’t love the material. I know a ton of kids do wear them, though, and they are easy to use on the go and dispose of. We just prefer the reusable kind.

Final Thoughts on Back-to-School Protective Gear for Kids

Just remember, this is a hard time for us all. And and we all want to see our kids back to normal.

Wearing a mask is helping your kids to not spread COVID-19.

I have learned that kids are super resilient AND they truly want to help. We tell my son he is a superhero when he wears his mask and that he is helping others in the process. I also read this Elmo book to my youngest to help explain kindness in protecting others.

Any special words of encouragement will help them get through this time with ease!


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