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after school routine to keep you organized

Stay Organized This Year With An After School Routine

Do you have a routine after school? Kids {and oftentimes adults} thrive on routine! Today we’re sharing some quick tips to help keep you organized throughout the school year with an easy after school routine that really works.

Helpful Tips for an After School Routine to Keep You Organized

Getting back into a solid school routine can take a little time. But these tips will have your after school routine in tip top shape so evenings and mornings all run a bit smoother!

1. Set Out Clothes for the Next Day or Week

Use a hanging shelf organizer in the closet to set out clothes for each day of the week. Kiddos feel a bit independent in being able to grab their own clothes for the day. But since the clothes are already picked out, you’re not wasting time or energy in the morning with this task.

2. Use Snack and Lunch Bins

I use fun and colorful school bins in the pantry for snacks and easy grab lunch items. It’s a great after school routine to pack lunches for the next day with pantry items – saves a little time in the mornings!

I also make sure to keep the bins filled with things I don’t mind the kiddos grabbing to snack on really anytime.

Pro Tip: I keep our bins on a shelf that’s low enough for the kids to reach themselves. They can help pack their own lunches or grab their own snacks when they get home from school – it’s always a good day to promote a little independence! #momwin

3. Wind Down for the Night

A color-coded clock really helps us in our after school routine. The kids can easily see when it’s time for different tasks. In case you didn’t know, kids love a routine – knowing exactly what to expect is an added security blanket.

This type of clock can really help younger kids {and let’s admit it, adults too!} stay on track for the evening and get to bed on time! It’s so easy to DIY this analog clock with a little construction paper and tape.

Pro Tip: Make sure your kids are getting enough sleep throughout the school year – sleep equals brain power!

4. Use a Weekly To Do List

I LOVE a good Post-It! I’ve been using these sheets from Target on my fridge, and they really help me stay organized and see what’s coming up each week at a glance.

Stay Organized With a Great After School Routine

Your after school routine won’t necessarily make or break your whole school year, but a few helpful tips can certainly make your mornings and evenings run a bit smoother.

Happy Back-to-School!


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