Top Girl Brands!

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to share this blog with all of you today. Mostly because I am really proud of getting the courage to start my own business and become a children’s stylist. And of course who doesn’t love shopping for kids clothes as their job. I feel so lucky to finally be working for myself and have a career that truly makes me happy. Forever Freckled Styling has always been a dream of mine and I can’t wait for all that is to come from my new adventure. I work with a very talented photographer in South Florida (Shaina Leigh Photography) so please make sure to check out her incredible work. Whenever I have a shoot coming up, I do an abundance of online research for inspiration prior to hitting the stores. This guides me on what type of look I want to put together and where I need to shop for each specific client. Along the way, I have discovered really unique and trendy clothing companies for kids. This week, I want to focus on little girls and share some of my findings with you. They are all so cute so it was very hard to narrow down the list. The collage I made captures over 10 of my favorite brands.  If I was having a little girl, I would certainly be in a lot of trouble. Don’t worry, I plan on doing a blog on little boy’s clothes next month. There are tons of adorable collections out there for them too. Happy shopping!

{Nellystella, Billieblush, Anthem of the Ants, Taylorjoelle, Beau Loves, Mini BodenNext, Crew Cuts, Tutu De Monde, Joyfolie, Laceylane}

Favorite Mall Stores: H&M Kids, Zara Kids, Old Navy, Gap Kids

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