Easy first day of school signs

Quick and Easy DIY First Day of School Signs

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For many of us, this week marks the end of summer and the start of back to school. I would definitely say that out of the three sisters, I am the last minute kind of mom. As I am writing this article, I am gathering their school supply lists and shopping online for backpacks. Today’s super fun activity is going to be a trip to Target, where the kids will be running down the aisles screaming. I will be frantically gathering all the school supplies, all while being distracted by the adorable must haves scattered around the store. In the end, I always get everything done but the first day of school signs is usually a miss for me. Almost every year, you can find me at midnight cutting letters out of construction paper while watching house wives of NYC reruns. Not this year!! I was inspired to write an article to motivate myself to be creative! Hopefully this post will inspire you guys with simple tricks to navigating the back to school madness, and tips to creating Instagram worthy first day of school signs.

Quick and Easy First Day of School Signs

Brown Bag Back To School Sign- This was such a fun project to do and the results came out super cute! All you need is listed here below and it takes no time at all!


  • A pack of brown paper lunch bags
  • Colorful clothes pins
  • Spool of yarn
  • Black permanent marker

First Day of School Signs

Yep that’s all you need! Start out by laying the amount of brown bags you need to spell your child’s grade on a large table. For this project we did Kindergarten for Charlee! You can use a stencil for the letters if you don’t have great handwriting. After you fill in each letter for every bag, open the bags up and begin pinning them to the yarn with your clothes pins. You simply hang up your sign on a white wall and you are done! Simple and easy. It also would look so adorable on the garage too. This took me about an hour to complete but if you have a smaller grade to write out like Pre-K it won’t take nearly as long!

Affordable, quick and easy DIY signs- The $3 section at Target will be your best friend if you let it! OMG I found so many awesome things here. They had the cutest chalkboards that are cut out shapes as apples, crayons and notebooks! You can of course simply write the information on there with chalk. OR what I did was buy colorful bubble letter stickers instead.

Another fun option is this adorable light up word sign below! I have it in my kids playroom but they’re perfect for back to school too! Obviously I got it at Target…where else!? If you like something more classic than go with a letter board like this. Target has so many choies for first day of school signs!

Easy signs for back to school

signs for back to school

School Supplies Savings and Tips–  Just thinking about getting all the back to school supplies requires a coffee. I usually end up having to go to three different stores, just to get everything checked off the list. This year I found some amazing resources that makes it much easier and painless. There is a constant battle between my sisters and I about the magic of Target versus the efficiency of Amazon. I am a Target girl myself, but Amazon does make back to school shopping very convenient. They have a back to school page that breaks down the supplies into grade categories. You just click on the grade your child is going into and the most common supplies are available to shop and at your door step within two days. This year Target came out with a school list assist. You just enter your school’s zip code and choose your child’s class. Target instantly matches their lists and puts the items immediately into your cart. You can either have it shipped to the house or pick it up at the closest target. School supplies can get very expensive. The dollar store is a hidden gem! I can usually find 70% of the required supplies at the dollar store and save a lot of money in the process. Happy shopping. I hope this was helpful and makes your transition back to school much easier.


Katie and Carrie

Although it didn’t make it in to the pictures with the kiddos, we found this sign below at Michaels Craft Store! Another great option if you aren’t super creative and don’t have much time to prepare.

Back to school chalkboard


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