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diy first day of school signs

Quick and Easy DIY First Day of School Signs

Whether your kids are going back to school in a traditional setting or at home, it’s a great idea to keep some traditions and get back to some normalcy. Enter the quintessential first day of school signs!

You know you love them!

Wondering how to go back to school with a little fun flare during this strange time? A back to school chalkboard sign or first day of school poster is the perfect way to let your child express excitement at starting school and show a little personality!

And if you’re anything like me, the important things on the back to school list get handled, but the back to school sign is usually forgotten until the last minute!

Almost every year, you can find me at midnight cutting letters out of construction paper while watching reality TV. But these back to school ideas are so quick and easy, last minute is just enough time to make something magical!

Quick and Easy First Day of School Signs

These first day of school crafts were so much fun to do, and the results all came out super cute!

1. Brown Bag First Day of Kindergarten Sign

What you need to make this adorable first day of kindergarten sign:

  • A pack of brown paper lunch bags
  • Colorful clothespins
  • Spool of yarn
  • Black permanent marker

Yep, that’s all you need!

Start out by placing out the amount of brown bags you need to spell your child’s grade on a large table. For this project, we did “Kindergarten.”

PRO TIP: You can use a stencil for the letters if you don’t have great handwriting. There are also plenty of first day of school signs printable options all over Pinterest.

After you fill in each letter for every bag, open the bags up and begin pinning them to the yarn with your clothespins. Then just hang up your sign on a white wall, and you are done!

Simple and easy.

It also would look so adorable outside on the garage, too.

This project took me about an hour to complete, but if you have a smaller grade to write out, like “Pre-K,” it won’t take nearly as long!

2. Easy First Day of Preschool Sign

Don’t let the big kids have all the fun! Your baby’s first day of pre kindergarten sign is just as important!

The $3 section at Target will be your best friend! They usually have the cutest school chalkboard signs that are cut into shapes like apples, crayons, and notebooks! You can simply write the information on there with chalk OR use colorful bubble letter stickers instead.

Another fun option is an adorable light up word sign from Target! I have one in my kids’ playroom but they’re perfect to use for back to school signs too!

If you like something more classic, you can use a more traditional letterboard. Target has so many choices for first day of school signs!

BONUS: Back to School 2021 Supplies List Tips

Just thinking about getting all the elementary school supplies requires a coffee. I usually end up having to go to three different stores just to get everything checked off the list.

Through the years, I have found some amazing resources that make getting the things you need for school much easier and maybe even painless.

There is a constant battle between my sisters and me about the magic of Target versus the efficiency of Amazon. I am a Target girl myself, but Amazon does make back to school shopping very convenient. They have a back to school page that breaks down the supplies into categories. The most common supplies are available to buy and at your doorstep within two days (usually).

Target also has a site dedicated to assisting parents with finding their school’s supply list. You just enter your school’s zip code and choose your child’s school and grade level. Target instantly matches their lists and can put the items into your cart. You can either have it shipped to the house or pick it up at the closest Target.

School supplies can get very expensive. Dollar stores are hidden gems! I can usually find 70% of the required supplies at my local dollar store and save a lot of money in the process.

Final Thoughts on First Day of School Signs and How to Go Back to School This Year

Yes, school is still going to be weird this year no matter how your kids are going back. But you can still have fun with the little things and make this year just as exciting as any other with these quick and easy signs for the first day of school!

And don’t forget to do all the things to help keep your kids healthy this school year. Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay healthy!


Katie and Carrie


*Although it didn’t make it in to the pictures with the kiddos, we found this inexpensive and adorable back to school sign at Michaels Craft Store! It’s another great option if you aren’t super creative and don’t have much time to chalkboard sign

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