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FF Cooking Club- What’s On The Menu This Week?!

Hi everyone! If you are new to this blog and have yet to read what the FF Cooking Club is all about, please refer back to my prior post, FF Cooking Club.

I have been researching more weeknight meals over the past month and trying to bring some more variety to the table.  My hubby is very happy about this.  I tried out these recipes and absolutely loved them.  Stuffed chicken is a great way to spruce up your boneless skinless chicken breast and I have been experimenting with different stuffed chicken recipes. I hope you like these meals as much as we do!

So what’s on the menu this week?

Skinny Chicken Cordon Blue

  • Love stuffed chicken recipes.  They are so simple and really spruce up the plain chicken breast.
  • Get creative with your stuffing- if you do not like these ingredients try different ones.
  • This recipe calls for pounding out boneless skinless chicken breast.  I sometime purchase chicken fillets so I save myself the trouble of pounding out the chicken.
  • I like to serve this dish with a side salad.
  • Easy, delicious and healthy.

Skinny Shrimp Fajitas

  • This recipe actually calls for chicken, but I switched it out for shrimp.
  • You can also use flank steak instead of chicken or shrimp.
  • I serve this recipe with yellow rice- my favorite go to yellow rice is Vigo Yellow Rice.
  • I use the low carb fajitas, but you can also turn this into a delicious fajita salad- just add chopped iceberg lettuce.

Basil Chicken Hash

  • All I have to say is- Barefoot Contessa!  You just cannot go wrong.
  • She has never made something I don’t like.
  • This recipe takes longer than the others so make sure to give yourself a bit more time.
  • No need to serve this with a side, it has everything you need.
  • Yummy!

Turkey Meatloaf with Feta and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

  • This is an easy weeknight meal that is delicious and something different.
  • The feta and sun-dried tomato combination is amazing.
  • Whenever you are doing meatloaves or meatballs and combine all the ingredients, I always use my hands and gently mix the mixture.  If you overwork it, the meat becomes tough rather than light and airy.
  • I like to serve this with a side salad.

Here’s you SHOPPING LIST for the week.

I love these recipes and am always experimenting with new recipes during the week with my husband.  One of the cardinal rules for entertaining is to NEVER try a new recipe for the first time at your dinner party.  Weeknight meals are a great way to try out some new recipes and serve them later on at dinner parties.  Have a great weekend and happy cooking everyone!

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