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FF Cooking Club- What’s On The Menu This Week!

Hi everyone! If you are new to this blog, and haven’t read what FF Cooking Club is all about, please refer back to my prior post, FF Cooking Club.

I am excited to introduce my friend Dana as our cooking club guest blogger this week.  We recently celebrated Dana’s wedding a few months back and had such a great time.  Congratulations Dana and JMer!  Dana is an awesome home chef and I am so excited she is sharing her favorite recipes.  Take it away Dana!

So what’s on the menu this week:

Curry Tortellini Soup

  • Best. Soup. Ever.
  • If you like curry, than you’ll love this soup. It’s my family’s favorite!
  • You can use any type of tortellini you want, but I prefer the small, round shape in order to create the perfect size bite.
  • If you use a fresh jalapeño, make sure to cook it down a little to soften it up before you add it in.
  • Careful, this soup can be addicting!
  • Yummy, moist chicken topped with a delicious green salad!
  • I love this recipe because it’s a fancy take on an easy weeknight meal.
  • This might be my favorite salad of all time. Maybe because it’s not really a salad at all.
  • It’s filled with roasted tomatoes, home-made croutons, fresh mozzarella, and a few other delicious ingredients.
  • It’s great on its own but if the hubby is around I pair it with a piece of grilled chicken!
  • I made this pasta dish with my girlfriends recently and it is to die for!
  • Totally worth the calories.
  • The recipe says to broil the meatballs in the oven to cook them, but instead we browned them on the stovetop first and then finished them off in the oven at 350 degrees.
  • This is a must try!

Here’s your SHOPPING LIST for the week!

Thanks Dana for these awesome recipes. I absolutely love trying out new recipes, and learning about new food websites and bloggers.  I now follow thanks to Dana’s recommendation.  She is an awesome food blogger and I will definitely be trying out more of her recipes.  I may have to make the curry tortellini soup one of our Thanksgiving Day traditions.  I am loving all the awesome feedback we are getting from the FF Cooking Club.  If you would like to guest blog and recommend your favorite recipes, please contact us! Happy Cooking:)

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