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FF Cooking Club- What’s On The Menu This Week?

Hi everyone! If you are new to this blog, and haven’t read what FF Cooking Club is all about, please refer back to my prior post, FF Cooking Club.

This week I selected a wide variety and all of them are delicious. Many of the recipes came from one of my favorite websites Epicurious.  I have been using this website for my recipe index forever and they do such a great job of organizing and recommending great recipes.  Like usual, I tweeked some of these recipes to make them my own and to add tastes that my husband and I love.  Happy cooking everyone!

So what’s on the menu this week?

Pressed Chicken with Yellow Squash Tomatoes

  • This is a simple, easy 1 dish meal that uses all the in season summer produce.
  • I did not press the chicken (I know it’s the title of the recipe)!
  • I browned the chicken on both sides on the sauté pan.
  • Then I added all the vegetables (mixed with olive oil, salt, and pepper) and baked it all in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Flank Steak Salad with Chimichurri Dressing

  • Great, easy, and a healthy weeknight meal.
  • This is a great chimichurri sauce, but here is my all time favorite chimichurri sauce that I use all the time.
  • This recipe actually calls for most of the same ingredients for the sauce, with minor changes.
  • I cook the steak on a grill pan.

Shrimp Skewers With Tzaktiki, Spinach, and Feta 

  • I turned this into an arugula salad and it was delicious.
  • Saute the shrimp on the pan and place over arugula covered with the delicious sauce.
  • You can add whatever ingredients you like to the salad and make it your own.
  • I loved the tzatziki sauce which you can use with so many other recipes- as a dip, over chicken, or on a salad.

Chipotle Beef Tostadas

  • This was a great spin on tacos.
  • I used lean ground beef.
  • I substituted the can of diced tomatoes for fresh tomatoes and used black beans instead of pinto.
  • I left out the coleslaw mix and squeezed the lime over the entire ground beef mixture.
  • Serve it with a side of my favorite yellow vigo rice.

Here’s your SHOPPING LIST for the week.

I loved trying all these recipes. They are all easy, delicious, and healthy weeknight meals.  They also incorporate all the in season summer produce.  I love cooking with fresh produce and think it makes such a difference in the flavor of your dish. Here is a great reference for all the in season summer produce.  Have a great weekend and happy cooking everyone!

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