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The Gift Guide That Will Solve Your Most Common Relationship Arguments

Let’s be honest here…how frequently do you argue with your spouse or partner about the same old thing? For me, it’s always about the way I load the dishwasher, and how I never turn off the lights. Oh, and maybe not turning the temperature down when I leave the house for the day. Admit it – we’ve all been there. We’re stuck week after week bickering about the same annoying habits! With Valentine’s Day coming up fast, let’s settle some arguments once and for all with the best gift ideas for saving your relationship. I thought it would be fun to create this ultimate gift guide and maybe save some marriages along the way. Or at least try and prevent some fights. Who knows…maybe solving a problem or two will bring a little more love to your life, right?!best gift ideas

8 Products That Will Save Your Relationship

1. iDevices

Everyone dreams of having a smart house, right? Well, my sisters and I are obsessed with iDevices – and so are our husbands! You can use iDevices products all year long to make your life easier and keep your partner from losing it over the power bill!

Whether you’re busy taking care of your little ones, working late at night like my sister Katie on a long ER shift, or taking on household chores and errands, life happens, and we all forget things. With iDevices, you can set scenes and simple triggers that automatically turn lights on or off (my husband loves this one!) or set the temperature (and this one!), so your home runs like clockwork. You can even turn accessories like fans, TVs, and computers on or off from anywhere using your voice or smart phone – you know, just in case life happened and you forgot to shut everything down before running out of the house! Now you’ll never again hear, “Why were all the lights in the house on at noon?!” when you walk through the door.

I think these products are truly the best gift ideas and ones everyone will love. They solve so many never ending arguments. I know they’ve alleviated tension between me and my hubby over my failure to turn the thermostat down or turn the lights off. What says “I love you” better than lowering your electric bill? Ha! The answer is NOTHING! You’ll thank me for this tip for sure!

This ultimate relationship saver gift guide not only features iDevices products but tons of other awesome tech-focused products that are compatible with their system. To make your Valentine’s Day even sweeter, iDevices is giving Forever Freckled followers 20% off their products! Just enter code FOREVERSMART at checkout. *Single use per customer.

2. Tile Mate

This is one of the best gift ideas for the person in your life who loses everything. Hey, Katie, do you know anyone who fits that description? Haha! Matt, I think we’ve found your perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Katie! Tile Mate is this cool little device that helps you keep track of pretty much anything…from your keys to your phone and anything else you lose all the time!

3. LiftMaster

Anyone else lose their keys every day and have to go through their garage or call for backup? Ok, well, I do. I also tend to misplace my garage door opener. I love how LiftMaster syncs your garage door with your phone! Super convenient, and super helpful for keeping the husband from having to be my garage-door-phone-a-friend every day.

4. Ring

This one is definitely on my wish list! I would love to have this device at my front door. Everyone wants to feel safe when they’re home and know that their home is safe when they are away. Ring sends instant alerts to your phone to let you know when someone has arrived at your front door. With two kids at home, my number one priority is keeping them safe! Dads, this one is a must for giving the mom in your life a little peace of mind!

5. Airpods

These earbuds are such a great gift for your partner! A very common argument that comes up in my household is that I never pick up my phone. With a 3-month-old and a 3-year-old, I have my hands full! Airpods would be a great solution for me, since I wouldn’t even have to have my phone in my hand to answer it – genius!

6. Amazon Echo Show

I just got this gift for the holidays, and I love it! It’s one of my favorite gadgets ever. One of my favorite features of the Amazon Echo Show is that Alexa will set reminders for me and my husband. Definitely helps me out when I am trying to balance a million things! It also is my son Jax’s obsession because we have dance parties every night now.

7. August Smart Lock

This is one of the best gift ideas for my previous problem of losing keys! How convenient would it be to open your house with your phone? I need the August Smart Lock. ASAP. Or if you have a dog walker, babysitter, or housekeeper who comes to your house often, you can give each one their own unique virtual key to make it easier for them to come in and out of your home.

8. Kasa Cam

It’s always great to feel extra safe in your home! Perfect for nurseries or playrooms. Great to keep an eye on your house especially when you are out of town! I love how the Kasa Cam adjusts to any angle. You can get instant notifications when it senses motion in your home. Even cooler – you can stream the live video directly to your Echo Show! Again, Dads, take note!

Final Thoughts on the Best Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s true that the best gift ideas are ones that come from the heart, but anything that can relieve a little tension in your relationship and solve a few recurring arguments is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy picking that perfect gift – maybe take advantage of our exclusive iDevices coupon code – and you may just spark a little extra love in your relationship this year!



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