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must-have baby registry items

A Few of My Favorite {Baby} Things – Must Have Registry Items

I swear it feels like I have tried every baby product on the market. With my second son now 4 months old, I feel like I know exactly what you need to get you through the first year of your baby’s life – or at least a bunch of my favorite products that I certainly can’t live without! So read up on a few of my favorite things, and add them to your list of must-have baby registry items.must-have baby registry items

Keekaroo: This time around, I decided to buy my dresser for baby Greenberg on Wayfair. It actually wasn’t meant for a nursery, so it didn’t come with a changing table on top. I was totally okay with that because I had been eyeing the Keekaroo for a while. It’s SO easy to clean. I don’t have to worry about constantly washing the changing pad covers. The material makes it easy to wipe off spit up, food, and whatever other mess your baby creates, and the design provides a perfect cozy little nook, preventing your baby from rolling off. Extremely durable! A definite must-have baby registry item.

Baby Bjorn Chair: Maybe it’s the amazing fabric this chair is made of or the subtle bounce, or maybe how easy it is to slip your baby in and out, but I love this seat! I put this chair on my list of must-have baby registry items because I needed something lightweight to throw in the car when heading to Grandma’s house! And something to keep in the bathroom with me while taking a shower or getting ready. Or even just a great spot for the baby to chill when playing. It also comes with a toy bar attachment to keep your baby entertained!

Medela Sonata Breast Pump: I have been using this pump for 4 months now, and I love it. The one I used with Jax was Medela’s Free Style version, but with Leo, I have been using the Sonata pump. The best part about this pump is all of the smart features! It delivers all your information directly to your smart phone via Bluetooth, meaning it collects all the data on your pumping sessions and has real time tracking of your baby’s growth! It also gives you unlimited access to important lactation information and personalized content designed to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. I am a major believer in pumping, so dad can get in there and help with the feedings, and this pump has been amazing!

Baby Monitor Holder: I love this gadget! When I put my baby monitor on the shelf, I never get it at the perfect angle. This holder clips onto your crib or shelf and gives you the perfect view over your baby’s crib! Love it.

Jellycat Books: I am obsessed with these books – I mean Leo is! I always have one in my diaper bag and one in the car. I can hear him crinkling them from the back seat, and I swear it’s the cutest sound ever. There are tons of different textures and colors for him to play with. Such a cute company.

Skip Hop Activity Center: Leo just started using this product, and I love it! It is perfect to start around 4-5 months old. He actually spends a lot of time playing in it when we’re home, and it’s great when I need some time to get my own stuff done. I am able to attach other toys to it as well to switch it out and keep him occupied!

Baby Shusher: Definitely get one! Or two – one for your house, and one to hang in your car. It will put your baby to sleep in seconds. I swear!

Crane Humidifier: Unfortunately, Leo has been sick many times since he was born! Since I am unable to give him meds, his cool mist humidifier is perfect to help with congestion. It is great at night, especially when he is awake and coughing. Crane is my favorite brand because they offer so many great colors and characters that go with any decor! A humidifier is definitely at the top of my list for must-have baby registry items!

Uppa Baby Stroller: Everyone always asks me what I recommend when it comes to strollers, and I will always say Uppa Baby all the way! So easy to move around. Super smooth and easy to transition from the car seat into the stroller. I have the Vista, and my son Jax loves the little piggyback kickstand that goes on it. It’s a lot easier to tote those two around with that awesome feature!

Baby Wipe Warmer: I never thought I would use this thing, but it really is great. It makes those late night diaper changes easier for everyone because Leo doesn’t cry when his wipes are toasty and warm.

Baby Bullet: This week I started Leo on his first solids! He is in love. This system is so easy to use! I am not the type who prepares food weeks in advance. I need something easy to use in a hurry, which is why I love this system! Perfect to throw food in there and blend something up for him in seconds! And the happy faces are just adorable – I cant help it! 🙂 The Baby Bullet is perfect to add to your own list of must-have baby registry items, but it’s also a great gift for your pregnant friends.

LouLou Lollipop Teethers: I am a sucker for cute products. This company makes the cutest teethers ever! Of course, I got the dog one for Leo, but they have so many to choose from. Such a fun brand! And they have other products too, so definitely check out their website.

Baby Bjorn Mini: My favorite carrier so far! It is so soft and easy to wear. Leo has loved this one the most. It’s the perfect size for a newborn.must-have baby registry items



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