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Baby Product Rundown (Diaper Bag and Trunk Essentials)

Hey Guys!

I am constantly asked what my favorite baby products are for not only your home but what are the top items to always have stocked in your diaper bag and even your car. I am here to break it down for you and tell you exactly what to keep in your bag on the go as well as some of my favorite items to have in the house during your babes first year. I also have always told my fellow moms to always keep an emergency bag to store in the trunk of your car. You really never know when you are going to need extra of everything, so I always keep a bag in the back of my car that includes the following:


  1. Change of clothes
  2. 5 diapers
  3. Extra pack of wipes (wet ones and diaper wipes)
  4. Clean sippy cup
  5. Ziplock bag of toys
  6. Small beach, swim diaper towel and a swimsuit (I swear I always end up at a splash pad)
  7. A few snacks that are okay to keep in your car
  8. Your baby carrier. Most people would keep this at home but because I would constantly leave my house without it I always kept it in the back of my car. The Lillebaby brand is my favorite and out of the 5 other brands I tried out, I found this one to be the most comfortable for both me and Jax. They have a ton of different styles to choose from and supports your back really well! Which is important if you use a carrier a ton like I did.


When it comes to the diaper bag I think it is important to first pick out your diaper bag. The type of bag I wanted to buy took me awhile to choose. For many reasons, I wanted to make sure this was an item that I would invest in because it would be glued to my hip for at least for a year straight. I swear I never used my own purse once for my son’s first year because holding a purse with a diaper bag..oh and a baby, is not so easy.

  1. Marc Jacobs diaper bag. This was my favorite style! The nylon fabric is super durable and easy to wipe off messes. I loved all the pockets and how lightweight it is. Black is a great color because its going to get dirty. I also love this maroon though! So pretty for fall.
  2. Milk snob car seat cover and breast feeding cover. This is one of my favorite products this year.
  3. Baby Banana toothbrush (this is the best invention ever guys!) It is perfect for teething and gets your little ones use to using a toothbrush at an early start. It is really soft and they love how it feels on their gums.
  4. Dr Brown’s bottle. They are just the best brand when it comes to bottles. I haven’t found another I liked more.
  5. Buddy Fruits (The perfect snack size to fit in your bag). They are small enough that your little one will finish it all up and you won’t have a half opened pouch explode in your bag. Because that happens…
  6. Oxo formula dispenser. No matter where I was going, I always had extra formula with me. You never know how long you are going to be out for and it’s good to have an extra bottle in case of baby emergency.
  7. Wet ones (Just have these everywhere. I like the single packets too!) Keep them in every corner of your house, car and diaper bag lol.
  8. Aden and Anais shoulder bib. I liked this bib because it also can be worn on your shoulder for burping.
  9. Elmo Count Along Crayons Toy (Ok warning…this may be annoying but to this day my son still loves this singing Elmo toy!) Keeps him occupied in the car.
  10. ToteSavvy! Yes this thing is a life saver. It organizes your entire diaper bag. This is extremely helpful if you want to use your own purse as well. If your own purse is not designed to be a diaper bag this insert basically makes it one for you. Definitely get this!
  11. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock. Omg I wish I invented this. I would go to the grocery store and put my huge car seat in the shopping cart and he always cried. Or I would use my own stroller and I never would have enough space for my food. This is so genius and I recommend every mom buy this. It attached to the shopping art and makes the perfect like hammock relaxing space for your little one. Get what you need done and your baby can enjoy all the sites around them.

This paragraph could go on forever so I am going to narrow it down to my top 5 items to have for babies first year. These are some of the items that I couldn’t live without.

  1. Fisher Price Rock and Play. This is the perfect little nook for your baby to nap. Instead of a bassinet, my son lived in this for 6 months. He loved it and made him feel nice and comforted.
  2. A great swaddle! I wasn’t figuring out how to swaddle my baby in a blanket so because this was an every evening event, I wanted to make sure I found the right one. Ollie world makes the softest swaddle you have ever felt. There is only one size needed for the entire use so this will save you money on constantly buying new sizes as your bay grows!
  3. A designated closed in play area for your baby. For me, I bought a super soft mat and a baby gate. Yep basically baby jail. But when he started moving around this was necessary for my sanity. I also needed a great place that I knew he could play in and not get in to much trouble. This is a must! Here is the mat I have as well as the gate. I still use the mat in my living area as an extra space for my 2 year old to play on.
  4. DockAtot. The perfect cozy space for your little one to relax in. It’s great to use in bed or even on the couch. Babies love it! I’ve tried other products like the snuggle nest but I personally feel like this product is hard to beat.
  5. My last product I am highly recommending is a great monitor. If you want to invest in a product for your baby get a good monitor. Until my husband and I switched, we were constantly gong back and forth it to his room to re sync the monitor with the camera. We never had a great connection and the video was always blurry. You can go with the Nest which is an amazing option (although not technically a baby monitor but it’s all the same) or I’ve heard some amazing reviews about the Nanit.


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