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Top Product Picks for At Home Salon-Style Beauty Services

When the pandemic hit, I struggled to figure out a new beauty routine. Learning to do at home salon services was a challenge, but I learned a ton of new techniques over the last year. Now, I can proudly say that I don’t NEED a salon for these services, even though it’s still nice to be pampered by someone else every once in a while!

In the last year, I learned how to cut my own hair, do my own nails, and style my own eyebrows, which at first was pretty hard but I got the hang of it.

One of my favorite things to do pre-pandemic was get facials. There really is nothing like that feeling of walking out of a facial appointment feeling like your skin is the absolute cleanliest its ever been!

But over the past year, I’ve really had to rely on myself to not let everything go. It’s important more than ever to take some time to really focus on yourself.

I know everyone is busy and has their hands full, but there are some amazing products that I’ve used this year that I would highly recommend!

Here are My Top 6 Product Picks

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1. Wildling Empress Stone

I don’t know what it is about this stone, but it’s a favorite product mine and my sisters’!

We all agree it makes such a huge difference on the puffiness of your skin and really helps to reduce fine lines. It is also is super hydrating and calming.

You can purchase your own face oil to go with it, or there are sets with oils and the stones together.

2. Dermapore

OMG…this is my far my favorite skin tool!

Nothing makes me happier than cleaning out my pores. Sorry if this is TMI, but it feels so satisfying when you see all the dirt and gunk scrape off your skin.

You have to use it when your face is damp. For me, it took a week or 2 of using it to really start seeing results. So keep at it!

I use it every other night during the week after I wash my face.

3. Nutrafol

This recommendation is from my sister, Katie, who says the thickness of her hair has tripled since she started using these hair vitamins!

They are a bit of an investment, but it’s much cheaper than hair extensions if you ever decide to go down that route!

4. Peach and Lily

I am a huge fan of this line of skin products. I also love Drunk Elephant and switch between the two.

It’s important to switch up the products and brands you use on your skin.

The reason I love this particular kit is because it is easy to follow (4 steps). I was also able to try it out for a month to make sure I loved the products. And luckily I did!

5. Dermaplane

You can buy these tiny razors really anywhere – I got mine from Amazon – but any beauty store or company should have them.

I bought these after not being able to wax for months to get rid of some of the peach fuzz! And it worked super well.

The best part is that my hair did NOT grow back thicker and or darker!

6. Olive and June

I haven’t gotten my nails done in a year! So I ordered this set from Olive and June to give it a go at home.

It was perfect and so easy to do my own nails! The poppy tool works so well and helps to keep your hand more stable.

Final Thoughts on Doing At Home Salon Services

If skincare and haircare were part of your self care routine before the pandemic, these products will be a great addition to your at home salon services arsenal.

And if you’re just starting out on a journey to improve your skin, hair, or nails, starting with any of these products is a great alternative to a pricey salon.



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