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Forever Freckled Beauty Favorites

FF Beauty Favorites

For me, the best way to buy beauty products is through recommendations or word of mouth. Let someone else do all the work and tell you exactly what you need to buy! That is why I love doing this monthly blog. When I find a great product, I want all my friends and family to know about it. Here are some of our absolute favorites that you need to try out!

Carrie’s Pick: L’Occitane Hand Cream

The other day I looked down at my hands and, for the first time, noticed a real difference in their appearance. They were dry and cracked. My hands looked freakishly old and it really scared me for a minute. Then I realized I had been seriously neglecting the one body part I use the most throughout my day. I never really used hand cream before. I decided about a month ago that I would start using hand cream as part of my daily routine. I have seen such a drastic difference. I love this brand for hand cream. It comes in many different scents and my hands are finally starting to feel hydrated again. It absorbs fast into your skin which for me is a must. Don’t neglect your hands like I did! Keep a tube of hand cream in your purse and apply as often as possible.

Alison’s Pick:  Beauty Blender Sponge

This sponge is hands down the best way to apply your foundation or concealer. It will give you a flawless application and your foundation will have perfectly even coverage. This product is especially great for under your eyes. The shape allows you to get in those small hard to get areas and will leave you with a very natural look. Make sure to dampen your sponge just a bit when applying makeup as it will look even better!

Katie’s Pick: Tarte’s Park Avenue Princess Countour Palette

This product is a 3 in 1 palette that includes a bronzer, highlighter and blush. If you haven’t already tried contouring then you definitely should sit down and watch a YouTube video on how it works. Basically you are just enhancing certain features on your face and trying to create a more slimming look through use of your everyday makeup. This is a great palette for beginners who are just learning how to contour! I also use this product on the go and throw in my purse on my way out for the day. You definitely need to try this out!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and learned something new! Stay tuned because next month we’ll have our next round of FF beauty product favorites.

xo, CG


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