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whole food nutrition benefits for pets

Big News from Side by Side Whole Food Nutrition Pet Food and Petco!

EXCITING NEWS! Side by Side Pet Food has launched in Petco!* Now the amazing benefits of whole food nutrition can positively impact so many more pets’ lives. And I cannot be more excited!

I started carrying Side by Side whole food nutrition pet food in my animal hospital 2 years ago. And I have been so happy with the improved health benefits in my patients. My pet parents have noted a much better quality of life.

I was increasingly unhappy with the quality and options of pet food diets available to my pet patients. I became even more frustrated with the constant food recalls and health concerns linked to pet food diets. Knowing that what we feed our pets has a direct connection to their overall health and wellness, I began researching healthier ways to nourish our pets.

I wanted better for my own pets and my pet patients.

A Better Way to Feed Your Furbabies

In my research, I came across the benefits of whole food nutrition for pets. And that’s how I eventually found Side by Side Pet.

I did a lot of research before deciding to carry and recommend Side by Side Whole Food Nutrition Pet Food to my patients. My clients trust my recommendations and advice. So I had to ensure I was recommending complete and balanced diets that follow all AAFCO and food safety preparation guidelines.

But I also wanted to make sure the ingredients came from the highest quality sources.

After being on Side by Side Pet Food, my pet patients are more active, losing weight, and having fewer medical problems, like gastrointestinal disease. I am so thrilled with the positive impact Side by Side Pet Food has on my patients.

And now I am also so happy they can touch the lives of so many more pets on a much larger scale through their distribution in Petco.*

What is Whole Food Nutrition?

Whole food nutrition is pretty basic: get your nutrients directly from the whole ingredients instead of from supplements injected or sprayed on afterwards.

So in addition to the ingredients, the cooking method is very important: they need to cook it in a way to preserve all the natural minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in the food.

A key element of the Side by Side philosophy is the recognition of the body’s ability to truly absorb the nutritional elements found in food products. When the ingredients are allowed to maintain their natural structure, the body is best prepared to absorb the nutrients.

Leafy greens are a perfect example. The body best absorbs the fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin E in the natural structure and combination, not through a pill or powder supplement.

The Eastern Food Therapy Difference

Essentially, in Eastern Food Therapy, what we’re doing is analyzing and then translating what we see happening externally as a manifestation of an imbalance in the pet’s body. We can restore balance with whole foods to nourish, replenish, and soothe the body.

Based on the imbalances in your pet’s body, Eastern Food Therapy categorizes your pet as warm, neutral, or cool.

Side by Side Pet utilizes these methods to tailor your pet’s food to their individual needs!

How amazing is that?!

The category your pet falls into determines the proper diet and ingredients your pet will need to restore balance and provide optimal wellness and health.

Take the Pet Assessment on the Petco Side by Side Display

With the launch of Side by Side Pet in select Petco* stores, there are now two additional ways to assess your pet and determine the perfect diet to fit their needs.

1. The Dietrician

This method is self-guided through the Side by Side display in Petco.* Simply answer five basic questions about your pet focusing on these key areas:

  • Eyes
  • Tongue
  • Personality
  • Behavior
  • Health

Based on your answers, Side by Side assesses factors such as your pet’s blood circulation, behavior, and lifestyle requirements to lead you to the best diet for your pet.

2. Pet Assessment

Sometimes pets have more specific health concerns. Or maybe you want a more extensive assessment of your pet and their diet needs.

In this case, there is a 2nd method of assessment. This assessment is accessible through the QR code on the display unit in Petco* stores. Just scan the code with your smartphone to go directly to the assessment link. You’ll then answer a more detailed series of questions to find the right diet for your pet.

Final Thoughts on Side by Side’s Whole Food Nutrition Benefits

Since launching in Petco*, Side by Side Pet Food is now available to so many more pets on a much larger scale. And I could not be more excited!

I have seen firsthand the immense positive changes and benefits Side by Side Whole Food Nutrition has had on my own pets and my pet patients. So I cannot wait to see the results and all the pets they can touch on a grander scale!

Side by Side Products Available in Petco* Stores

*For now, Side by Side Pet Food is available in select Petco stores. Check with your location to see if they carry it. And if not, let them know you’d love to see it on their shelves soon!

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