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Dr. Alison Birken's Top Pet Products

Dr. Alison’s Top Pet Product Picks!

Hi everyone!  As a small animal veterinarian people are always asking me my recommendations for different pet products and what I use with my own pets.  Whether I am advising on natural supplements to give your pets, or training products, or even food, recommending the best pet products is part of being a veterinarian.  So today I would like to recommend my top pet products that I not only use for my own pets, but sell in my hospital and tell all my clients about. Lets get started:

ANM Zoom (glucosamine chondroitin sulfate supplement)-

  • This is a great all natural joint supplement that helps promote joint health and prevent degeneration.  I recommend starting all large breed dogs on this supplement as early as puppyhood. As my patients age and they start to slow down and even limp, I start them on a glucosamine supplement first and foremost.  These supplements come in many forms such as pills, tabs, oils, sprays, and treats.  I love these Zoom tablets and sell them in my hospital.  They are in a chewable treat form and my pets love the flavor.

Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner-

  •  Ear infections are a common ailment I see at my animal hospital.  I prescribe and recommend Epi-otic ear cleaner all the time.  It is a medicated ear cleaner that is effective in treating bacterial and yeast infections.  It also has a drying agent in it and is helpful in keep the ear free of moisture which is a common cause of ear infections. I love to prescribe this ear cleaner as a once weekly application to prevent ear infections from occurring.

Shed-X (omega 3 and 6 fatty acid supplement)

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid supplements are well known to help pets suffering with skin disease and allergies.  The oil supplement improves the epidermal barrier thereby improving the overall health of your pets skin and preventing infection.  I recommend this supplement for any of my patients what have a history of allergies and skin disease. In addition to it’s wonderful effects on improving the overall skin health, Shed-X is effective in reducing shedding. This product is pure omega 3 and 6 in an oil form that you place on top of your pet’s food daily. It also contains vitamin E, A and D which promotes overall good health and has countless benefits for your pets skin.


  • My favorite training tool is Fooey Gel– This is a gel that is very bitter. When used in conjunction with recommended training methods, Fooey stops dangerous and destructive behaviors such as: unwanted chewing, licking, biting, ingesting and more. Great for doors, crown molding, furniture legs, dangerous plants – and even on the pet (hot spots & surgical wounds) because it is safe and nontoxic on the skin. I prescribe Fooey for pets that underwent surgery to prevent damage to surgical sutures, and to discourage gnawing on hot spots and inflamed areas.

CET Enzymatic toothpaste

  • At Home Dental Care is the single most important measure you can take to prevent periodontal disease and promote dental health in your pet. We need to start brushing our pets’ teeth.  Whenever I see new puppies and kittens, I motivate my clients to start teaching them how to tolerate and even enjoy getting their teeth cleaned.  If you have an adult pet, although more challenging, I encourage you to try and start cleaning their teeth using lots of positive reinforcement.  The key is to use a soft bristle toothbrush and pet formulated toothpaste .  It is important to make sure the toothpaste is specific and safe for pets, as pets will swallow the toothpaste.  I carry this one in my hospital and prescribe it to my patients all the time.  Follow-up with a proper rinse that is pet safe to finish the cleaning.  We recommend brushing every day, but if you can do it twice weekly, you are way ahead of the game.

Grinders Dental Chews

  • One Dental chew or treat a day keeps the veterinarian away! The latest studies show that giving your dog one dental chew a day can significantly improve their overall oral health and prevent periodontal disease.  I love these chews and sell them in my hospital.  The pets love the flavor.

Dental Fresh

  • We all know that it is very difficult to brush our pet’s teeth. Most pets just do not tolerate placing your finger or toothbrush in their mouth and brushing. If your pet is not a fan of his or her teeth being brushed, I absolutely love the Dental Fresh Water Additive. The additives some in 4 different varieties (original formula, advanced plaque & tartar formula, advanced whitening formula, and cat formula) It is the “world’s first and only clinically proven toothbrush in a bottle.” I recommend my clients add this into their pets water bowl daily to help eliminate dental plaque and tartar, while improving the smell of your pets breath.

Wellness CORE Pet Food-

  • Feed your pets a high quality, balanced diet with the best ingredients.   What you feed your pet is the fuel and energy they need for not only survival but their overall health and well-being. Many foods will meet the basic requirements to sustain life, however higher quality foods will result in optimal health for your pet. My pet parents ask me all the time what diet I recommend for their pets. I absolutely love and trust Wellness CORE and it is what feed my own dog. Wellness CORE  is a balanced diet that is grain free, contains all the highest quality ingredients, added supplements (omega 3 fatty acids, and glucosamine), and higher protein for lean body mass and muscle tone.

Richard’s Organics Pet Calm

  • This is a natural calming agent that settles nerves, and reduces hyperactivity. It contains chamomile (helps to calm irritated skin, sores, and other irritations), skullcap extract (a plant known for its naturally medicinal properties that aid with: anxiety, nervousness, tension, and trouble sleeping) passion Flower extract (medicinal plant extract is widely used for natural relief of anxiety or nervousness, sleep issues, and upset stomach due to stress disorders)

I hope these pet product recommendations help on your journey as pet parents. I love recommending and helping pet parents provide the best health for their pets.  Pets give back so much love, dedication and devotion to us and rely on us to make all the right and best decisions for them. There are so many products out there and at times it may be overwhelming. I hope these product suggestions help you to feel a bit more confident that you are providing the best for them.
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  1. Thank you so much for all the recommendations for the pet products, there are so many its hard to know whats good.

  2. Wow. I really love this website. All 3 sisters have subjects I am interested in.
    Is EpiOtic something I can get without seeing a vet? Or, are there alternatives? How about vinegar or Old Wives Tales items like olive oil?
    My rescue who is a Pit Mix has terrible skin issues and recurrent Staph infections. The vet has given steroid shots 4 times in a year and a half. The dog gains weight and is having issues, plus the skin issue only resolve temporarily. Any suggestions? I know Essential Oils can be lethal, but saw an article that diluted Tea Tree may help. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kris! Thank you so much for following us:) We see recurrent skin infections all the time. The key always is to diagnose the underlying allergy and try and tackle that. All the supplements are helpful but you need to make sure to treat the infection on top of the adding supplements. This was an article I wrote on allergies. Maybe it will be helpful:)

  3. Thanks for sharing these awesome products.I need to check out the Richard’s Organics Pet Calm for my Mia.She is very hyper and this seems like a product she needs.

  4. I’ve never seen or heard of a product like the skullcap extract. My rescue dog suffers from anxiety really bad. So I’m very interested in trying this product to see if Will help my poor baby girl

    1. Please let me know if this is helpful and good luck! Thanks so much for following us;) Feel free to email us anytime with questions.

  5. Thank you for these! My dog is really picky when it comes to treats she only eats soft treats and nothing like a milkbone.
    Also I am referring my mom to the calming section of this blog to help her dog with his anxiety problem that nothing seems to help.