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best foods for dogs

What is the Whole Food Truth Campaign for Pets?

In recent years, there has been a shift in the way we feed our pets. People are moving away from kibble-based, highly processed diets and toward whole food nutrition. We understand that the way we nourish our pets is a direct reflection of their overall health and well being. When we improve the quality of the nutrition we feed our pets, we decrease disease and lengthen lifespans. As a vet, I love this progressive movement toward finding the best foods for dogs and cats.

Many of the decisions I make to help benefit your pet’s health are based on science and data. Every day, I see more data-based evidence suggesting the fact that whole food nutrition improves pets’ health and lengthens their lives. So let’s discuss the whole food truth campaign for pets and why I am a strong supporter.

What are the best foods for dogs and cats?

Choosing the best foods for our dogs and cats is one of the most important decisions we make for their health and wellbeing. I have seen a significant shift in the way pet parents feed their pets, and I love it! Nutrition is one of the most talked about and relevant topics concerning pet health. What we feed our pets is a direct reflection of their energy level and overall health. Pet parents need to know all available diet options and feel confident in the foods they choose.

With the increasing knowledge and awareness of nutrition and its impact on our own overall health, it is only natural that people want to feed their pets the healthiest and best foods, too. The pet food market is growing rapidly, and higher quality foods are becoming more readily available for our pets. It is more convenient and easier than ever to choose the best foods for your dog or cat.

What is whole food nutrition?

Whole food nutrition is just as it reads – real food from its original source, unprocessed with no artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Green leafy vegetables or high quality freeze-dried food in which the nutrients have not been destroyed in the cooking process are great examples.

What is the difference between whole food nutrition and kibble-based diets?

Kibble-based diets are placed through an extrusion process for 4 hours at very high temperatures. Kibble-based foods lose their inherent vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the cooking process. The food company typically sprays the kibble with synthetic nutrients to replace the nutrients lost in the cooking process.

Whole nutrition food maintains its inherent nutrients within the food source. The cooking method preserves all the natural minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in the food.

What benefits can whole food nutrition provide?

Just as with humans, environment, lifestyle, and nutrition all play significant roles in your pet’s overall health and lifespan. While some of these factors are out of our hands, the choice to provide a whole food nutrition diet for your pet is not. Choosing only the best foods for our dogs and cats can be the most important choice we make for our pets’ health. Providing pets with whole food nutrition, with no artificial additives, preservatives, or chemicals, leads to greater health and wellness, fewer cases of obesity, decreased occurrences of diseases such as diabetes, and longer lifespans.

According to a Purdue University Study, simply changing just 25% of your dog’s meal with real food, like green leafy vegetables or a high quality freeze dried food, may DECREASE the risk of cancer by up to 90%.

Do cost effective options for large breed pets exist?

With large breed dogs, whole nutrition may be cost prohibitive at times. So what can you do to provide large breed dogs with the highest quality diet?

This concern is a common one among many of my pet parents. As a veterinarian and fellow large breed dog owner, I understand the conflict. Large breed pet parents also want to feed their furbabies the highest quality diets with no artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives. However, large breeds eat a lot, leading to a higher cost for pet owners. What I do for my own pet is supplement with as much high quality whole nutrition as possible. Remember, cancer rates drastically decrease by only replacing a quarter of your dog’s meal with high quality whole foods.

As the pet food industry moves toward higher quality whole food nutrition, more options are available. I am happy to announce that, in the next few months, Side by Side Pet will introduce an affordable, balanced, whole food nutrition diet for larger breeds. I don’t know about you, but my 150-pound Saint Bernard, Dory, and I are very excited for the future.

Final Thoughts

As a small animal veterinarian, I love when pet parents take action with the health and wellness of their pets. Nothing is more important than nutrition. Our pets rely on us to make the right choices for them. Providing them with the highest quality, natural ingredients is one of the most important choices we can make for them.

That is one of the many reasons I am honored to partner with Side by Side Pet to provide the healthiest, and longest life possible for our pets. Side By Side Pet sources the highest quality ingredients and prepares the food at the lowest temperature for the shortest possible time, maintaining all nutrients within the food source. This cooking method preserves vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients inherently in whole natural foods. I believe in this brand. They go above and beyond to ensure the best, highest quality food for our pets while abiding by all safety, preparation, and ethical federal guidelines. 

USE CODE  wholefoodtruth for 25% off your order of Side by Side Pet Food!

Your pets will thank you for providing them with a high quality, whole ingredient diet. Expect many years of unfaltering devotion, love, and health. As always, the best interest of your pet is my number one priority.

best foods for dogs

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