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Tips For The Week-Pet Holiday Safety, Children Holiday Safety, and Great Gift Ideas!

Alison’s Tip

ATTENTION ALL PET PARENTS…..I see so many emergencies during this time of year!  Be extra careful with all the Christmas decorations around the house.  We see many foreign bodies during this time of year that end up needing surgery.  If you have puppies, keep a fence up around the tree.  Make sure to pick up all strings, tinsel, and cords and keep them up and far out of reach of your pets. Click HERE For more pet holiday hazards. Merry Christmas everyone;)

Katie’s Tip

Christmas trees serve as a huge safety risk for infants and toddlers. We see serious crush injuries and even fatalities associated with Christmas trees falling onto small children.  When decorating your Christmas tree, avoid placing ornaments or lights around the bottom of the tree.  When purchasing your Christmas tree, have the staff cut off the bottom branches as it will significantly decrease the chance of your infant pulling on the branches.  Try to avoid glass ornaments altogether as this will eliminate the chance of your child getting cut.   The small particles of a broken ornament can easily get stuck in the hands and feet of crawling infants. Plastic ornaments are a easy and safe alternative, but be sure they are large enough to prevent a choking hazard.  If you already own glass decorations, I suggest placing them higher up on the tree and saving the more child friendly ornaments for the bottom.  If you have an adventurous toddler, I highly suggest placing a safety gate around the tree.

Carrie’s Tip

If you’re anything like me, then you have already finished all your holiday shopping! If you’re not don’t worry! Because I have some great gift ideas for you this month. Next week I will focus on women but this week I am giving you my picks for the men in your life. Here are 5 of my favorites!


{Fizzizs beer tap, wireless beats headphones, instant camera, lulu lemon shorts, fitbit active watch}




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