Tips For The Week….Bathing Your Pet, Disney World Survival Tips, and Easy Fall Decor

Alison’s Tips

Many people ask me how often you can bathe your dog or cat.  I recommend no more than 1 time per week for dogs and 1 time per month for cats.  Cats actually do not need to get baths, however some people prefer to bathe them.  Bathing too frequently can dry out their skin and cause irritation.  If your pet has a skin infection your veterinarian may recommend medicated baths more frequently.

Katie’s Tips

When going to the grocery store to get ready for your thanksgiving feast don’t forget about your tablescape! The grocery store is a cheap and easy way to kill two birds with one stone. On your next grocery-store run, pick up some seasonal fruits, veggies and gourds to arrange on the table. Small pumpkins and squashes, pears or fall apples and the like are colorful and rustic decorations.


Carrie’s Tip

Hi everyone! This weekend, my sisters and I took all the kids to Disney World! It certainly was an adventure taking 4 kids to a theme park. What I learned the most from these past 3 days is be prepared. For Jax I knew that I needed to have tons of snacks on me 24/7. With busy lines and crowds you just can’t rely on the food at Disney World. He loves these Nosh ones! I also would highly recommend bringing a snack tray for your strollers. This was so helpful when Jax was taking a break in his stroller. I also suggest buying a pack of these disposable place mats. Disney can be pretty germy so these were perfect to have on hand.








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