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Tips For The Week……Probiotics For Our Pets, Trendiest Jeans For Spring, and Preparing Your Child For Spring Allergy Season

Alison’s Tip

We all know the benefit of probiotics for ourselves but did you know that they have the exact same positive effects for our dogs as they do for us? As a small animal veterinarian I prescribe probiotics all the time for my patients. I not always prescribe probiotics for my sick patients suffering with an upset belly, but also for overall wellness and health.  I utilize probiotics are preemptively if I know my patients will be stressed, such as boarding or traveling. I will prescribe probiotics for my patients who I know have a sensitive GI tract and I am placing them on antibiotics or other medications.  Many times when my clients are changing their pet’s food, I will recommend probiotics to help with a smoother transition.


Katie’s Tip

Did you know that spring is the peak of allergy and asthma season? The reason for the spike in allergy flare-ups in spring is due to the blooming trees, plants and flowers. Pollen and other products of nature get carried by the wind and end up in our nose, eyes, and lungs. When this happens our immune system reacts to the foreign elements and releases histamine. Histamine causes swelling and mucus production in the nose, redness and tearing in the eyes, and itching.  More seriously, it can cause wheezing, excess mucus production, and swelling in the lungs. Make sure you have the tools you need to fight against allergies including antihistamines, decongestants, combination antihistamine/decongestants, and cromolyn nasal spray! Make sure to plan ahead of time, especially if your child tends to wheeze. Speak to your doctor about a plan to fight against allergies before the season starts as it can be stressful for both you and your child.


Carrie’s Tip

One of the biggest trends in denim for Spring 2017 is the cropped flare. I have to admit this style scared me when I first started to see it pop up in magazines and on trend setters. Not gonna lie, I recently started to see why this silhouette is so popular. They can be really cute if you find the right style and length for your body type! Here are a few of my favorites:



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