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FF Tips For The Week….Soft Sheets, Statement Earrings, and The Flu Shot!

Alison’s Tip

We love hosting and we love having people stay over.  This past week my mother in law stayed with us to celebrate Luke and Rob’s Birthdays and showed me the easiest and best way to get stiff sheets soft and cozy:

  • Place the sheets in the washing machine and add one cup of baking soda (instead of detergent) and wash on the normal cycle (you can also let the sheets soak in the baking soda water for a bit before washing)
  • When the wash cycle is on rinse- add one cup of vinegar
  • Let dry outside (rather than in the dryer)
  • Once dry, wash on the normal wash cycle with detergent
  • Repeat as needed

Katie’s Tip

2017 is the year for health and happiness! I am trying to keep your families as healthy as possible in the new year. Although I think it is important for everyone to get a flu shot, I know every family is unique with different needs and thoughts about the vaccine. People ask me all the time does my child absolutely need the flu shot. Here are my absolute musts for the flu shot

  1. If there is any child in the household that is less than 6 months. Unfortunately babies under the age of 6months can’t get the flu shot, but it can be deadly if they caught this virus. So it is important that everyone else of age in the family gets the vaccine to protect their new addition.
  2. If your child has a preexisting condition such as Asthma or Diabetes, it is an absolute must!!

Carrie’s Tip:

The statement earring has been trending for a long time now and I don’t see it going away any time soon! My favorite way to glam up a drab outfit is to add a pair of bold earrings. A simple t-shirt and jeans outfit can be transformed to an evening look by adding fun accessories. See below for some of my favorite pieces!

{gold and navy drop tassel, art deco chandelier, stars, yellow tassel, white beaded, taking shapes, half moon chandelier}


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