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Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

In order to cook a meal at home, it is essential to have some basic cooking tools in your kitchen. There are so many out there, and it can get confusing and overwhelming. (many that are fancy and just not necessary) These are my recommendations for the basics and what you need to easily master cooking a simple meal. Happy Cooking!



  1. set of nonstick pans 2. set of pots and pans 3. peeler 4. basic cooking utensils 5. cheese grater 6. microplane 7. wood chopping board 8. plastic cutting board 9. set of good knives

*Use the wood cutting board for chopping veggies, cheese, etc.  Use the plastic cutting board for all meats (it’s easily washable and does not absorb the bacteria from raw meat)


Katie’s Tip


Halloween is a great excuse to initiate craft projects with your children at home. It is a wonderful way to get some one on one quality time with your children as well as promote hand eye coordination and strengthen fine motor skills. Head over to our pinterest account, I posted some great halloween inspired crafts. Enjoy! See you Wednesday!


Carrie’s Tip:

Picking the right diaper bag can be a hard decision! Many mom’s…like myself wanted to find something that was practical yet stylish. Here are few things to look out for when picking yours.

{Fabric quality, amount of pockets, long strap, easy closure, functionality, fit & style}. Most of all if its not comfortable to tote around and you don’t have enough space for your baby essentials…you’re not gonna be a happy mommy! lol

I loved this article featured on Lucky Shops on some stylish bags that can also work well as a diaper bag too.girls


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