Tips For The Week!

Alison’s Tip

Skin disease, such as itchiness, skin infection, and ear infections, are a common sickness I treat at my animal hospital.   The best all natural supplement you can give your pets for skin health and care is omega 3 fatty acids.  Inquire with your veterinary regarding the proper dose for your pet. (please refer to How To Help An Itchy Pet, for more information on skin disease and our pets)

Katie’s Tip


I always get asked what is the best thing to sooth diaper rash? AlthoughI love buttpaste, a lot of my parents say it isn’t enough. I have a secret weapon for diaper rash and it is called Calmoseptine! Calmoseptine is marketed for adults but works great to sooth diaper rash. The secret is out!

Carrie’s Tip

Jewelry isn’t the only way to dress up your outfit! I have found that during the day, one of the easiest ways to add a little style and fun to your look is to dress up your feet. I love throwing on a cool and unique flat to pull my whole outfit together. Look for flats that have texture, fringe, ties, color or embellishments. Just like some of the ones I have picked our for you below! Happy Shopping xo

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.23.25 AM



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