Gifts for kids that makes your life easier as a parent

The Gift Guide That Will Make Your Life As A Parent Easier

Now that I am in the throes of baby land once again, I am constantly shopping and searching for the best products on the market. If you saw my play room, you would be shocked (and maybe appalled) by the sheer amount of toys in there. My New Year’s resolution is to cut through the clutter and only keep the toys that my kids actually play with, or have beneficial value to their development.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, especially us parents! So for this gift guide, I am narrowing down my favorite toys for newborn through the toddler stage! These products will either make your life easier, encourage your child’s creativity, and/or have educational or developmental value. Hopefully you find lots of great ideas here, and this guide will make shopping season a little easier for you!

Gifts for young kids to Make YOUR Life Easier

A gift guide for kids that will make your life easier

Melissa & Doug Lemonade Stand:

I have such strong memories of running a lemonade stand with my brother when I was little. I actually was in the newspaper for it! I decided to sell lemonade so that I could raise money for my sisters’ first car. Although I probably only made a few bucks it was the thought that counted. I love these kind of products for a few reasons. It encourages your children to be creative and learn to create their own business. It also teaches children the importance of money, and is a great activity that will pass a lot of time! A great idea is to let your kids pick a charity to donate their profits. There are so many benefits to this type of product, and it will make memories your kids will have forever.

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Taf Toys Car Wheel Toy:

I am always looking for products that make my life easier. For instance, driving in the car with a toddler- does it make you cringe as much as I do every time I put the key in the ignition? When Jax was a toddler, I couldn’t get out of the neighborhood without a complete meltdown. I knew there had to be a toy that would keep him entertained in the backseat but I could never find it, until now! Taf Toys is a brand that creates products which make life easier on parents. Their Car Wheel Toy is the ultimate gift for both you and your kiddo! It keeps mom relaxed and your child happy! It even has fun car sounds, a clicking steering wheel and bright lights. Let your child think they are driving to where you need to go, and maybe you will even get to listen to your favorite radio station instead of Baby Shark on repeat. Although this gift is currently wrapped up for baby Leo, Jax has already claimed it as his own! With two boys, I can’t win every battle, right?

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Fred and Friends Dinner Winner Tray:

I can see Alison now frantically clicking to buy this in every version they have! How genius is this product? If you have a picky eater than you know how difficult meals can be. Why not make eating into a fun game then with this tray by Fred and Friends. Your toddler will have to get through each bite in order to see the fun covered dessert at the end. All kids love surprises so this entices them to eat their meal to get to the finish line.

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Fat Brain Toy Tobbles:

Obsessed with their toys! I love any building toy and my son loves creating things. This stacking toy is perfect for babies as they develop their fine motor skills. Love the interesting shape and colors. They have so many awesome and unique toys on their site. You definitely should check out what they have! Great ideas for older kids too.

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Fisher Price Think and Learn Rocktopus: 

I swear my son is going to be a musician. He is now into Michael Jackson and sings his songs on repeat in my car. He knows every word after only a few times listening to it. So, I thought this toy would be the perfect gift for him. A way for him to create his own music! In Music mode, Rocktopus helps your kids compose their own songs by “handing” the octopus different instruments and bopping them to hear them play. Kids can adjust the tempo of their creations and add fun sound effects too! Although I have a massive fear of octopuses, this one isn’t so scary…

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Melissa and Doug Make A Meal Sticker Pad:

I buy these at least once a week. I am obsessed with all their products but the reusable pads are a must buy for anyone with a toddler. They are great for long rides in the car or dinners out. It keeps my son busy for hours! It allows your child to be creative and imaginative with what they put together. I also love the Face It version which is another one of my son’s favorites.

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Smart Noggin NogginStik:

Excited about this one. I already bought this for baby Leo. This rattle lights up in many different colors and encourages sensory development. It makes a soft rattle sound and is easy for them to grasp on to. Great gift for anyone with a newborn!

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Crate Joy Subscription Boxes:

I love a good subscription box! Kids love them too because it’s basically a present every month and something for them to look forward to. I always look for ones that will provide my child with an activity and not just a box of toys. They have so many options to choose from on this site Crate Joy. You can narrow down exactly what you are looking for! Love this one for girls that inspires girls to be anything they want to be.

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Little Tikes Junior Wonder Lab:

This is great for a kid who likes to create and experiment, and provides a little environment for them to play in! With lots of doctors in my fam, it’s a great gift to encourage the love of science. There are about 20 different experiments to keep your child busy for hours! There is a fun maze they can create, and so many cool activities to try out like snow, bubbles and slime. Definitely find an area in your house that you don’t want to get messy!

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Here are some other awesome brands and some of my other favorite products below: Magnatiles, Alex, Antsy Pants, Kid Kraft,


Hope this helps with your holiday shopping journey!

Xo, CG

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