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These are all essential styles to have in your wardrobe during the summer of 2018.

It’s the beginning of summer and I just reached the 25 week mark in my pregnancy! My closet is in desperate need of an update right now. All of the pieces that I’ve managed to get away with wearing thus far, are slowly starting to tighten up around the belly area. Not complaining though, I do love my little man in there but he surely does make it hard to dress cute right now! Even though I feel terrible, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about wearing all the cute jean shorts and summer dresses I see in stores. I went though a list of my must have items for the summer time and narrowed it down to my top 14. I am not saying you can’t buy other things, but these are the pieces that are necessities in my closet during this sweltering heat!

summer look book

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