Ask the Stylist! How Do I Transition My Summer Wardrobe To Fall?

Happy fall Y’all! Brrr…can you feel the cold breeze coming through? HAHA just kidding! It is so hot outside sometimes I can’t believe I live in Florida. Yesterday was the first official day of fall and that’s sort of a big deal for the Forever Freckled sisters. Both my sisters and my mom’s homes are already decorated with leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows. So in honor of the cool weather that will be upon us soon I am answering one very important question…

Question: How do I transition my summer wardrobe to fall?

Answer: I know what you are thinking, how can I even think about layering when it’s still warm outside? For us Floridians, colder weather won’t come in for a couple months. All of you living up north may be feeling the chill coming on! One of my favorite things to do when I lived up north was to pack up my summer wardrobe and pull out all my jackets, blazers, sweaters and scarves! Here are some of my tips to help you transition to the colder weather and give you a head start on your new wardrobe.

  1. LAYER over your summer pieces. If you have summer dresses and tops that you love and you aren’t ready to pack it up yet that’s okay! Throw on a cute jacket and swap our your sandals for a low ankle bootie.
  2. BRING OUT THE TIGHTS! I loved throwing on my tights when it started to get colder out. Skirts, dresses, shorts. Layer them underneath some of your lighter pieces and it will keep you a bit warmer.
  3. SWAP OUT YOUR PRINTS AND COLORS. I have a lot of beautiful bold colorful prints that I love to wear during the summer. When fall hits, I try to steer towards animal prints, plaids and beautiful fall tones. Try looking for dark greens, greys, neutrals and maroons.

Here are a few of my favorite summer to fall looks! Enjoy and happy fall!



{converse sneakers, beige skinny jeans, black bomber, beige booties, nude sweater, black knee highs, leopard sweater, floral dress, light pink cross body, maroon earrings, black choker, denim distressed jeans, grey tote, grey hat, plaid leggings}


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