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Top Picks to Pack (Spring Break Edition)

Hi Everyone!

March is here. Which hopefully means that you are taking a break from your busy lives and getting away for a fun spring break vacation. I recently went on a cruise to the caribbean and it felt so amazing to set sail for a bit. Since I am assuming many of you are headed somewhere tropical, I wrote today’s blog with you in mind! With all the trends for Spring 16, I narrowed it down to my top favorite picks to pack for your trip. I also have created a list below of other essentials to bring with.

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Airport Outfit {Comfy Tee, Black Jersey Pants, Flats}: This is my favorite airport outfit. There is nothing better than getting on to an airplane and feeling comfortable. If you aren’t an espadrille girl then sub out for a cute pair of sneakers. I love a slip on shoe because it’s easy to take on and off when going through security. For pants, I love a cozy jersey fabric with an elastic cuff.

Beach Bag: This is a must have for the trip. You want something fun and bright. I love this one because it has multiple prints and it is the perfect size for all my goodies.

Romper: This one is so cute! The yellow is bold and fun for vacation. The wide leg style is a huge trend for this spring as well.

Off The Shoulder/Stripes: Two trends in one! Stripes will forever be in style. The off the shoulder look is also a huge look for the season. I would pair this top with cut off jean shorts or skinny jeans (for evening dinner).

Coloring Book: I have two coloring books and I love them. It’s hard to find time to sit down and color in your day to day life.  So this activity is perfect for vacation. Coloring takes your mind off your worries and makes you feel young again. A relaxing activity just for you! Great for the mind and a relaxing alternative to a book. My mother in law got this one for me 🙂

Strappy Sandals: Go with a sandal that maybe you wouldn’t wear back home. Something with multiple colors and textures. I love the lace up look on these. They are fun and go perfect with a tropical setting. You could pair this with a very basic outfit and still look super stylish!

Maxi Dress: A maxi dress is a beach vacations staple. I love this one because of the hint of skin that shows in the front. Definitely go with something a bit unique and find one with a cool print you like. And this one is super affordable! Lulu’s is a great site for trendy and inexpensive items.

High Waisted Bikini: Some may not like this style but I love it! One of the biggest trends for swim is the retro high waisted bikini. They are everywhere now. This is the perfect in between style if you still want to wear a bikini but you want to be covered up a bit.

Kaftan: The perfect cover up. Dress it down during the day or dress it up at night for dinner.

Other Essentials

  1. White Skinny Jeans
  2. Colorful Printed Heel (such as a floral print or something bright and bold)
  3. Floppy Hat
  4. Denim Cut Off Shorts
  5. Comfy T-Shirt Dress
  6. Bright Clutch

Enjoy and have a great vacation for those who are jetting out of town for spring break.


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