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How to Create an Adorable and Safe Nursery

Are you gearing up for a new addition? If so, creating a cozy and safe nursery is probably a top priority on your list. You’ve probably been thinking a lot about crib bumpers, wall decor, organizational ideas, and overall nursery safety.

The ideas and recommendations can be overwhelming.

But ultimately, the most important element to home decor, especially when creating a nursery, is safety. This week we’re discussing how to create an adorable and safe nursery, including important rules to ensure you are creating a safe environment. But because I love home decor, I have some great tips as well to help you create an adorable space! Let’s get started.

Tips for Creating an Adorable AND Safe Nursery

While looking cute is definitely important, the most important thing to keep in mind when designing your baby’s nursery is safety. Your baby (and you!) will spend a lot of time in this room, so make sure it’s a place you’ll both enjoy with these decor tips.

Nursery Art

When browsing for inspiration on Pinterest and other home decor sites, you always see cribs with beautiful art work hanging over the crib. Unfortunately, the truth is that the American Board of Pediatrics recommends you do not hang anything directly over the crib.

So how do you still get that “WOW” moment when you walk into your nursery and see your baby’s crib?fun wall decor in nursery

1. Wall decals or wallpaper.

The best way to make a statement is to create a focal wall. Paint and wallpaper are great ways draw your eye to a particular space. I love the idea of doing a striped wall that includes your accent color to achieve a bold look. There are so many wall decals today that give you the illusion of wallpaper without the headache and damage of real wallpaper. Make sure to choose one wall as it can tend to look too busy if you do something dramatic on several walls.crib view in nursery

2. To the side.  

When we were planning my nephew Luke’s nursery, Alison really loved the idea of shelves, so we decided to put the shelves on either side of the crib out of the reach of our adventurous little man.

3. Call a professional.  

If you do decide to hang art over the crib, please make sure to call in professionals. The picture should be hung high enough so it is out of the reach of your growing baby. The material should be soft, preferably canvas. You can also pull the crib out from the wall so if the art were to ever fall it would go behind the crib and not into it.

Babyproofing Doors and Windows

1. Doors

It is important to install a baby gate or a device to prevent your toddler from opening the door and wandering out of the room. This barrier is particularly important when you have a two-story house.

I also see a lot of extremity injuries in the Emergency Room from fingers getting stuck in the creases of the door. An easy way to prevent this type of injury is to install door guards.

2. Windows

Curtains and draping can be a strangulation hazard for children. If possible, avoid putting the crib anywhere near a window. Also, find a window covering that doesn’t have long exposed cords.

My favorite solution to this problem is roman shades. They are a chic and safe solution for keeping the sunlight out, which is extremely important for sleep training. Roman shades are also a great way to reference your accent color and are affordable as well.

To prevent accidents, ensure all curtain hardware is either fixed directly to a wall stud or secured with the appropriate dry wall anchors.

Crib Safety

Newborns sleep an average of 16 hours per day, so it is imperative that their sleeping environment is safe.

1. The sides of the crib must be fixed.

Drop-side cribs pose a serious threat to children as they collapse and can result in injury and even death.

2. It is best not to have knobs or posts on the corners of the crib as blankets could get caught and result in a strangulation risk.

3. There must be no more than 2 and 3/8 inches between crib slats.

4. The American Board of Pediatrics recommends no bed bumpers, dolls, pillows, toys or sleep positioners in the crib while the baby sleeps.

These are all risks for suffocation or entrapment and should never be in the crib while your infant sleeps. It is recommended that the crib only has a fitted sheet and a one thin blanket. A lot of moms are uncomfortable with not having a bed bumper as they feel it can prevent bruising and injury to their babies. However, the strangulation risk is much more severe than a bruise. I love bed bumpers for their decor element, but the minute the baby goes into the crib, the bed bumper has to come out.

5. Make sure no more than two fingers of space is between the side of the mattress and the crib frame.

It is very important that the mattress is firm and fits well in the crib to prevent entrapment and strangulation risks.

Furniture and Organization

Crush injuries can be very serious and possibly fatal.

Anchor all furniture to the ground or wall.

As toddlers start to explore and become more independent they love to start climbing on furniture. It is important that you eliminate the possibility of the furniture piece falling onto them.soft basketschanging table

When picking organizational boxes for your nursery, find soft ones like the burlap ones we had in Luke’s nursery. If your child grabs and pulls them down, the chance of injury is less with softer baskets.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Safe Nursery

Keep it stylish, but always keep safety in mind when designing your baby’s nursery. I hope these tips and decor ideas help you on your journey to create an adorable and safe nursery. Check out our Pinterest account to find more inspiration for your little one’s nursery.

Dr. Katie

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