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Perfect Playroom Ideas


Hey Loves! Today we are going to talk about how to create safe and beautiful playrooms for your little ones. My son, Mason, has one of the more popular playrooms in the neighborhood, not because of its great decor and creative elements but because it has a sea of toys! Being the first grandchild, Mason has every Transformer, Lego set, and truck that has ever been created parked in our toy room. When my nephew, Luke was born, Alison let us know that her toy room would be different with organization and structure. Surprise surprise! We created an adorable and ORGANIZED playroom for Lukey. Stick to these 4 simple steps and you are guaranteed to create the perfect toyroom. Let’s get started!

Perfect Playroom Ideas

A Statement Wall

A playroom should be a safe place for your kids to create, explore, and learn. Make it fun! Start with a statement wall. I suggest choosing the wall you see immediately when you enter the room. We went for a chalkboard wall. This is an adorable, cheap, and easy DIY project. Let’s be honest, the kids are probably going to draw on the walls anyway and this gives them a safe place to do so. You can also use a great wall stencil, a magnet wall, or a bold color for your statement wall.

A Great Carpet or Throw Rug

This is another way to make a great statement in the room. IKEA and Land of Nod have adorable and inexpensive options. I suggest coordinating with the wall. If you use a bold color or a stencil, then go simple with the carpet. We paired our chalkboard wall, which is simple, with a great patterned rug that we got from Target.

A Place to Display Art

I remember the first time Mason brought art home from pre-school. I couldn’t wait to put it up on the refrigerator. Then it just kept coming and coming and coming. As a parent you feel torn because you don’t want to throw away anything that your little one created, but at the same time the amount of paper can become overwhelming. The playroom is a perfect place to solve this problem. Alison and I draped a string across the wall and pinned up pictures and art with cute clothespins. Another idea is to hang empty frames and rotate the art weekly.

Great Storage

This is by far the most important step in creating a organized playroom! Baskets are the best way to organize and hide mess. HomeGoods has adorable choices. IKEA is also a great place to find all sorts of things to keep your room clean and organized. SAFETY TIP! Please make sure any shelving is secured to the wall. Children are attracted to toys and love to climb. We see a lot of serious injuries in the ER from children getting trapped under shelving units. Child safety is the top priority.

Hopefully these playroom ideas help you create a practical, safe and designed space for your little ones. Remember it doesn’t have to be a big room, even a small reading nook will mean the world to them. Please join us on Forever Freckled’s Pinterest.  I have pinned a bunch of amazing photos and ideas to help guide you through your journey to the perfect playroom. See you next Wednesday!


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