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Baby Greenberg’s Nursery Reveal

Baby Greenberg will be here in 5 short weeks! It feels like this pregnancy went by so fast and I can’t believe how little time I have left. Luckily, I have been well prepared for a couple months now and my nursery is officially ready for this little boy to make his big debut. So are you ready for our big nursery reveal?

I had so much fun putting this nursery together. I think this time around it was a lot easier to decide what I wanted and how to keep my costs down. I also have nursery safety guidelines engrained in to my mind from my sister Katie. Here is an amazing blog she wrote for Crate and Kids about how to create a safe nursery and environment for your newborn. *The items in the crib are only for photography purposes Dr. Katie :)! Don’t worry they are coming out before this little boy gets here. 

Nursery Reveal

The first thing I knew was that I wanted his room to be fairly minimal with some fun pops of color and prints. When I saw this bright green crib (that was on clearance might I add) it became my focal point for his room. I think that is the easiest way to design a space. Find one piece that you are in love with and work everything else around it. Once I knew the crib was bright green, I decided to go with a neutral rug so that nothing would fight it. I love the combination of green with black and white. A classic bold stripe rug was the perfect addition. I wanted to incorporate many different materials and textures to my decor. Which is why I went with a chevron wood side table, mixed metals and various brass accents for my hardware. One of my favorite projects was collecting these Golden Books for my floating shelf library. I love how each book is brightly colored and the bindings match all the gold/brass accents in the room.

Most people begin designing their nursery with a specific theme. I did mine a tad backwards and decided on a small theme after I was done. I didn’t want his room to be too baby focused and thought a subtle approach would look best. I knew I could accomplish this by having really cool artwork for his walls. I found these amazing Sesame Street art prints on Etsy and they went perfectly with the color scheme and vibe of his room. I love how they tie in all of the colors! There were some more Sesame Street items that I added in after we shot the nursery so i’ll make sure to take some pics and post to our stories today and tomorrow! See below for where I purchased everything.

Crib: Crate and Kids

Zebra Crib Sheet: Crate and Kids

Sesame Street Crib Sheet: Crate and Kids

Dresser: Wayfair

Side Table: TJ Maxx

Changing Pad: Keekaroo

Curtains: Crate and Kids

Letter Board: Target

Mattress: This mattress was not featured in my photos, but we went with the white Nook Pebble Pure Mattress

I will share some images of this mattress in my crib this week! It’s amazing guys 🙂 it’s 100% organic and breathable. Did I mention you don’t need a mattress pad or sheet?!




Lamp: Target

Sesame Street Artwork: Etsy

Glider: Wayfair

Brass shelf: Target 

Sesame Street tin banks: Party Toyz

Black and white rug: Wayfair

Dream Blanket: Aden and Anais 

Stuffed Animals: Tuesday Mornings

Golden Books: Barnes and Noble

I also did a ton of research on Pinterest for ways to create easy and simple storage solutions for his room! One of my favorite tips was using this clear shoe rack to put over the door. Instead of using it for shoes, I used it for swaddles, bibs and light blankets. A great space safer and keeps everything really organized. Here is the one I bought but you can get them anywhere. I am constantly losing pacifiers, so I love the idea of using these mason jars to store them in. I also am going to add this DIY diaper organizer from IKEA to the wall. It’s actually made for the kitchen if you can believe it. But it’s perfect for my space since his changing table doesn’t have a ton of extra room.  If you want something directly next to your dresser, you can go with a bar cart like the one below. Which I have as well in white. There’s always room for extra storage and it’s great for wipes, moisturizers, toys and extra diapers.

DIY Ikea Diaper Organizer

Mason Jars

Storage Cart

My maternity jumpsuit is from Legoe Heritage



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