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It’s no big surprise that after you have a baby, your wardrobe slightly changes. Your daily outfits may not look like they use to anymore. I am not suggesting you all go out and buy a pair of mom jeans lol. But what I am saying is that it’s possible to still look cute and stylish and also be the amazing mom you already are. I want to give you the tools to help you create outfits that are easy to wear and comfortable enough to get you through those crazy busy days!

If you’ve met my son Jax, you would know that on a daily occurunce my shirts become more of a burp rag to him. That is one of the main reasons why I like to wear items that are not too expensive and are made out of light comfortable material. Anytime I would wear a nice silk top or something I treasured from my closet…without a doubt, I would find myself desperately trying to get out food stains. As a mom you are constantly on the move. Picking your kids up or bending down. We’re simply all over the place. For many reasons, stretchy fabrics can be your best friend. Wearing pants or bottoms that stretch and move will make for a much easier day!

Here are some tips on getting your mom wear ready:

  1. Go through your closet and PERGE the old stuff. I swear I had this stack of mini skirts in my closet that I hadn’t worn in probably 5 years. The rule is you should toss items that haven’t been worn in a year. A mini skirt collection that has been sitting there for that long…TOSS it! Mostly because my clubbing days are behind me haha. Bottom line, make room and get rid of items you’re never wearing again.
  2. If you find a t-shirt or pair of pants that you love. Buy in a few colors! I have an amazing t-shirt collection now. I wear multiple t-shirts every day so having many to choose from is important.
  3. When you are packing up your diaper bag…don’t forget about packing a few things for yourself! I always keep an extra shirt as well as a tide pen in my bag.
  4. Don’t pack up your maternity clothes so quickly. I still wear my maternity leggings as well as my maternity jeans. I am still not back to my pre baby weight and that is okay! I am okay that this process could take a few more months. These Jbrands are my favorite maternity jeans to wear because after baby you could never tell they are maternity pants with the side bands. The ones with the elastic band that goes over your belly can be uncomfortable to wear post partum. So you will love these throughout your pregnancy and for many months after.
  5. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t really shop for normal clothes. So I decided when I needed a good pick me up I would buy cute shoes. Luckily my feet didn’t swell up. I knew after baby I would struggle with my weight, but at least my feet would look good. Lots of cute sneakers, loafers and sandals. I stocked up so that I had something stylish to pair with my outfits.

Here are some collages I put together to you show how to put together the perfect outfit for a busy mom on the go!

Equation for a cute mom outfit: {loose relaxed top, stretchy skinny jeans, comfortable sneakers or flats, accessorize with some fun jewelry!}

*For example: If your top is basic like a heather grey t-shirt, pair it with some distressed skinny jeans and cute patterned loafer.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.50.36 AM


Tops: {flannel, orange burnt out tee, striped long sleeve shirt, grey tee with pocket, white and black tie up blouse}

Bottoms: Light denim jeans, grey distressed jeans, dark denim, mustard skinny jeans}

Shoes: {Brown tie up flats, striped espadrille, High top gold/beige sneakers, white lace espadrille, black converse, leopard loafers, plaid loafers, black booties, perforated silver espadrille}

Accessories: {Double long Necklace, Long necklace with tassel}

Happy Shopping Mommies! XO CG

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