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How to Wear Florals

The gravitational pull I have towards floral prints is starting to become an issue for my wallet. Every time I go shopping, I somehow feel the need to purchase another bold floral printed item. Blazers, rompers, blouses, shorts…if it’s bright, feminine and colorful, it’s most likely coming home with me. Maybe working at DVF for four years had a bit to do with my love for print! When I lived in New York I wore a lot of black. The wintertime was always so cold and muggy and rarely did I find the opportunity to express my love for color. Living in Florida, I can wear basically anything year round! Maybe my love for color is rubbing off on my sister Katie a bit! She use to never wear anything printed, but I am slowly seeing much more vibrant and fun pieces popping up in her wardrobe.

How to Wear Florals

If you are nervous to wear floral prints, you shouldn’t be!

  • Remember there are always different scales of prints you can choose from. I like the bigger bolder patterns but there are also more subtle and delicate prints that may be better suited for your style.
  • The key is to not overdo it. Your print will speak for itself and you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard to be seen.
  • Pair your piece with a basic neutral, such as a great pair of boyfriend jeans or a classic short.
  • Go simpler on your accessories. Wear it with your favorite pump and a great bag and you’ll be all set.

Carrie’s Look: ASTR Blazer (similar style) | Zara Boyfriend Jeans (similar style) | Sam Edelman Black Patent Pumps (similar style) | Light Gray Chanel Purse


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