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How can I introduce yogurt to my baby’s diet?

You are starting solids with your baby – How exciting! Now that your baby has tried a few first foods, you may be ready to incorporate yogurt into their diet. 

And, YES, despite warnings against introducing milk before your baby turns 1 year old, yogurt can certainly be added to the list of first foods! Yogurt is made by fermentation, so its proteins can be more easily digested by your baby’s little belly. This ease of digestion is why feeding yogurt to babies under 1 year old is recommended, while offering straight cow’s milk is not. As long as your pediatrician approves, you can introduce yogurt around the same time your baby begins solids, which is typically around 6 months old. 

Let’s go through the basics of how to introduce yogurt to your infant once they are ready. 

If yogurt is the first dairy-based food your baby has ever tried, keep an eye on them for an hour after they try it for the first time. Dairy is still a top food allergen for babies, so it’s important to be cautious and watch for any potential allergy reactions. When introducing new foods that are top allergens, if possible, give them at home instead of at school or with a caregiver. Start with a small amount on a spoon to see how your baby reacts. 

The best yogurt to start with when first starting solids is plain (full fat/whole milk) yogurt without added sugars or other flavors. This allows your baby to try plain yogurt without the influence of any added flavors or additional textures.

You also want to look for a yogurt with live and active cultures, like Yobaby. These cultures are good bacteria that are beneficial for gut health, promote brain development, and can improve your baby’s digestion. Yogurt has so many incredible nutrients for your baby. It has probiotics, calcium and has other amazing benefits, including being a quick and easy food to give your baby with little to no prep!

After plain yogurt passes the test, add in different textures and flavors for even more fun for your exploring baby! There are so many fun ways to serve yogurt, like by adding it to mashed fruit or baked goods or mixing it with vegetables. It can also be a great addition to oatmeal.

All in all, yogurt is a great choice to introduce to your baby early in their food journey. The smooth texture and great taste, ease of digestion, and nutritional benefits make yogurt a delicious and safe first food!

If you have any questions, always reach out to your child’s healthcare provider for more information on how to begin your journey with yogurt. 

Happy Feeding!

Dr. Katie

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