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Forever Freckled celebrates National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! Lets Celebrate Our Furry Friends!

Hi everyone! Did you know that August 26, 2017 is National Dog Day?! That’s right! An entire day celebrated around the country to acknowledge our adoring and loyal furry loved ones. We can all agree that dogs give us an indescribable joy to make our days happier and brighter. The world is a much better place with dogs! So, in honor of National Dog Day, I would like to give you my top tips on keeping your dogs healthy, happy, and living the longest possible lives they can. Let’s get started.


Dr. Alison’s Top Tips on Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy:


  • Make sure to bring your pet to the veterinarian two times per year.  I cannot stress this one enough.  Dogs cannot always tell us when they are not feeling well.  Make sure your pet sees your veterinarian at least one time per year, if not twice.  We may be able to detect things that pet parents do not notice.


  • Yearly blood work is important for catching and treating disease early.   A veterinarian’s physical examination gives us an overall idea about your pet’s health, but blood work will better detect organ function and certain diseases.


  • Make sure you pet is up to date on vaccinations according to the AAHA regulations.


  • Proper parasite control is imperative.  Monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention is safe and easy.  Fleas and ticks pass along many diseases.  Heartworm disease is a serious parasitic disease that targets your pet’s heart and can cause death.  Make sure to speak with your veterinarian and get your pet on the proper parasite control.


  • Use natural supplements glucosamine chondroitin sulfate for joint health and omega 3 fatty acids for skin and cardiac health. I love these supplements and recommend my pet parents start their pets on these supplements at a very young age.  Speak to your veterinarian regarding the specific health benefits and what dosage your pet needs.


  • Have your pet’s teeth cleaned professionally and maintain your pet’s dental health.  Peridontal disease is the most overlooked disease in pets and can cause significant health problems.


  • Physical exercise. Exercise and staying in shape is imperative to the overall health and wellbeing of your pet, and yours too!


  • Keep your pet at the proper weight. Pets rely on us to feed them what is appropriate.  Overweight pets are more prone to diabetes and other diseases.  In addition, they have a very difficult time moving around and can develop degenerative joint disease as they age. They depend on us!


  • Feed your pets a high quality, balanced diet with the best ingredients.   What you feed your pet is the fuel and energy they need for not only survival but their overall health and well-being. Many foods will meet the basic requirements to sustain life, however higher quality foods will result in optimal health for your pet. My pet parents ask me all the time what diet I recommend for their pets. I absolutely love and trust Wellness Core and it is what feed my own dog. Wellness Core is a balanced diet that is grain free, contains all the highest quality ingredients, added supplements (omega 3 fatty acids, and glucosamine), and higher protein for lean body mass and muscle tone.

The bond between dogs and pet parents is a special one that is difficult to describe or replicate. Dogs bring us such joy, companionship, selfless loyalty, and love. All they need from us is to know how much we love them and want to care for them too. I hope everyone who is lucky enough to be a pet parent celebrates National Dog Day. Happy National Dog Day!


Forever Freckled celebrates National Dog Day





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