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huge family get together party for july 4th

What’s on the Menu for Our 4th of July BBQ?

As you all know by now, I am obsessed with the holidays! Any excuse for a theme, to celebrate, and be with family and friends is amazing in my book. As a tradition, our family hosts a family get together and party for the 4th of July. While different hosting challenges have come and gone throughout the years, the feelings of love and gratitude enjoyed over true comfort food is a constant!

So, in true “Alison” fashion, we are looking forward to a full day of swimming, boating, hanging out, and delicious food this 4th of July!

So What’s on the Menu for Our 4th of July Party?

1. Main Meal

Hamburgers and Hotdogs

Obviously, you need your traditional hamburgers and hotdogs at any All-American cookout. My favorite hamburger recipe always results in moist perfect burgers.

I recommend cooking them on a traditional grill. However, if you don’t have one or have to cook inside due to weather, a grill pan works just fine.

Something fun to do to spruce up your standard hamburger/hotdog menu is to lay out a whole display of toppings for your guests. Go overboard! Include sautéd onions, mushrooms, and peppers; different cheeses; an array of mustards, ketchups, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles; and don’t forget the sauerkraut for the hotdogs.

BBQ Ribs

I think it’s always fun to add an uncommon main dish to a BBQ to really raise the bar. This BBQ recipe one of my favorites to use for ribs. It’s easy and so delicious!

However, I must give credit where credit is deserved – my brother-in-law has an INSANE BBQ rib recipe that has become famous in our family. But, he will not tell ANYONE the recipe. Top secret!!

So I will continue to ask and beg for the recipe and hopefully one day I’ll be able to share it. But I won’t hold my breath. He’s pretty hardcore about his secret recipe!

2. Side Dishes

Corn Salad

This corn salad is delicious, easy, and one of my favorite recipes for BBQ side dishes. You can serve this dish at room temperature or cold, which make preparing it ahead of time so easy.

I personally like to make this recipe the day before my gathering because the longer it marinates in the dressing, the better it tastes!

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

In one word…INSANE! My sister-in-law also makes this recipe for her family, and it’s 100% crowd pleaser guaranteed.

You can leave the lobster out, and the recipe is still unbelievable. But the lobster is what makes this side dish truly special!

Potato Salad

Potato salad is another dish that my family and I love for any get together or party. It’s easy enough to use store bought potato salad, but this tried and true recipe is super easy to pull together. Plus homemade dishes just have something special – that extra ingredient called LOVE!

Usually, I make the potato salad the day before the event as well to make things easier on myself the day of the BBQ.

Macaroni Salad, Chips, Salsa, Salami, and Cheeses

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now, replacing the traditional meat, cheese, and veggie trays of the past. You can ask guests to bring these items and arrange them on simple charcuterie boards just before serving. You can also prepare a simple charcuterie board in advance to pull out as an appetizer as guests arrive.

These items do not need to be homemade and are easy to grab while out at the store. Most items can stay out for a while, giving you and your guests something to munch on all day while swimming and boating!

3. Desserts

I usually leave this one to the guests. People love to bring things to parties and always ask what they can bring. Make your life easier by asking everyone to bring their favorite desserts.

Since our guests usually like to bring cakes and cookies, I just keep the freezer stocked with different flavors of ice cream. Creamy, cold ice cream is always a great compliment to any dessert. You can supply fun toppings too to create an ice cream sundae bar, or ask your guests to bring the toppings.

There are so many fun setups you can create for the kids – and the adults alike…let’s be honest, no one can pass up an ice cream sundae! PLUS, it’s Independence Day – what’s more All-American than ice cream?!

Final Thoughts on the Ultimate July 4th Get Together Party

With people returning to gatherings with family and friends, these get together party celebrations and BBQs are starting to return to normal, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Hopefully these 4th of July recipes will help take a little pressure off of the cooking part of your BBQ and allow more of the fun and excitement.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys the celebrations, the excitement of the fireworks, and time with friends and family – and don’t forget your favorite pets!

Happy July 4th, everyone!enjoy 4th of july bbq recipes the whole family will love

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