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Forever Freckled Best Summer Salad Recipes

FF Cooking Club- The Best Summer Salads

Hi everyone!  I cannot believe we are already a week and 1/2 into July.  The summer is going so fast and I am already starting to think about the holidays (lol…….ok maybe a bit premature).  Well as much as I am not the biggest fan of the summer time, I do LOVE the food and outdoor fun. Lately, I have been on a health kick and eating super clean and doing my best to control my portions.  I have been eating a ton of salads this summer and trying to change them up a bit and make them more exciting. In my mission to make and eat delicious salads, I have found some awesome ones.  So today I would like to recommend my top summer salads.  Happy cooking everyone!


Strawberry Summer Salad

  • This is the perfect summer salad
  • I LOVE the ramen noodle crunch in it and the dressing is amazing
  • If you are bringing this to a party- prepare the strawberries and add the dressing when you get to where you are going

Corn Salad

  • YUMMY and so easy
  • The longer this recipe sits in the dressing, the better
  • This is a great one to make ahead of time

Chickpea Panzanella

  • Katie brought this recently to Carrie’ house for a BBQ and it was amazing
  • Wait what!!!!! Yep you read right- Katie cooked something and Carrie hosted a party! LOL sorry guys….you know I love you:)
  • My favorite favorite favorite is chick peas.  So anything with chickpeas is amazing
  • The artichokes were a perfect summer touch!
  • I will definitely be making this for my next party!

Asian Bow Tie Pasta With Shrimp And Vegetables

  • Please just make this and you can thank me later
  • I have been making this for over 10 years
  • The longer it sits in the dressing, the better
  • This is such a great, easy, refreshing dish
  • I promise it will not disappoint

I hope you make some of these recipes during your summer time:) They are so great and healthy for you, but also awesome to bring to parties and get togethers.  Happy Cooking everyone!



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