Forever Freckled Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Delicious Sweet And Sour Meatball Appetizer For Parent’s On The Go

Hi everyone!  We are all getting so excited for our family trip to The Blue Ridge Mountains next week.  All the families (Streit’s, Friedman’s, and Greenberg’s) are packing up and heading out with our 6 kiddos in tow.  We rented a big house in the mountains and have so many fun activities planned.  We are so excited to have all the cousins together creating amazing memories.  On these big family trips it is tradition that I cook……ALOT! Being the designated cook in the family, everyone sets high expectations for me on these trips!  YIKES!  With so many people, I do my best to make some yummy, delicious delicacies, but at the same time not spend my entire vacation slaving away in the kitchen while everyone is looking out at the mountains on the balcony drinking wine (Katie and Carrie). So today I thought I would do a quick and easy appetizer that EVERYONE loves.  Lets get started:


  • Grape Jelly (12 ounce)
  • Heinz Chili Sauce (12 ounces)- make sure it is Heinz
  • Pre-made Meatballs – I LOVE the Armour original meatballs in the frozen food section. You can use any ones you like (turkey, home-made, etc.)


  • Combine the grape jelly and chili sauce in a large sauce pan over medium high heat
  • Stir and cook until warm

  • Add the meatballs

  • Stir and let simmer until the meatballs are warmed through (remember the meatballs are already cooked so you are just warming them through)
  • SERVE!

And that’s it!  SO easy and I will be sitting outside drinking wine by the fire in no time.  (Note….Carrie is in all these cooking blog pictures……DON’T BE FOOLED!  Carrie’s biggest claim to fame for cooking is bringing the crackers…sorry Carrie!  You have other talents!) Stay tuned for some great mountain pics and lots more food:) Happy Cooking everyone!

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  1. Oh my, how easy this looks and how delicious it sounds! I will have to remember this for the upcoming holidays. Perfect appetizer!

  2. I love meatballs! We have them quite a bit around my home. I will have to try out this recipe! I like that it only has a few ingredients. Thank you for sharing!