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My Favorite Things (Baby Edition)

Hey Everyone!  I can clearly remember the moment I walked in to Buy Buy Baby to register. I was overwhelmed and could not believe the amount of items that I needed to buy for little baby Jax. As a first time mom, I knew absolutely nothing about what to pick out and with so many different options, I really didn’t know where to turn. I took my little scanner gun and randomly picked things I thought looked pretty! Product recommendations from friends and family have always been a great resource for me. I always know I can rely on my new mommies who will tell me first hand what is necessary and what is a waist of time. I am beginning a new blog series based on “my favorite things” to give you my product recommendations in various categories. This week I want to focus on baby items, but I will continue to expand with so much more. With the holidays approaching, I will make sure to give you great gift recommendations too!

So below I am dishing out some of my favorite baby product recommendations for all new parents! Many of the items are things I had no idea about until I had Jax. I hope you love these as much as I do!

  1. Nose Frida– My little man unfortunately got bronchitis last week! It was pretty scary at first since he’s so little. He was really congested and I used the Nose Frida to clear him up. As gross as it sounds to suck out your babies snot…it really works! And I could tell he felt better after I did it!
  2. Baby’s First Year Lucy Darling Book– OMG this is just the cutest book ever. I never thought I would be the type of mom to keep a book for my baby but I had to get this one. It’s adorable and now I can keep track of all his firsts!
  3. Bandana Bibs LOVE these bibs. They are so adorable and look even cuter on Jax. Not that bibs are stylish, but I put them on him when we go out. They just seem to look better with his outfits.
  4. Fisher Price Swing– I have many swings and many seats. They all have a different purpose. It’s funny that you need like 5 swings right? This one has gotten me through a lot of exhausting days. He naps in this one. It’s cozy and swings back and forth. It plays music and has little rotating animals above to entertain him. This is a must have.
  5. Ubbi Diaper Pail– I tried at least 3 different diaper pails. This one is by far my favorite. I had one that I literally had to stick my hand in to get the diaper through…gross. This one is perfect. It is has a little sliding opening on the top and you just throw the diaper in. The inside is made of a material that keeps the smell from escaping. You also don’t need to buy specific garbage bags for this diaper pail. You can use any garbage bag which I think is way more convenient.
  6. Aden and Anais Easy Swaddle– I used velcro swaddles for a long time and then I switched to these. He seemed to like this style a lot more. The swaddle is more comfortable and the buttons make it tougher for him to get out in the middle of the night. Plus Aden and Anais has the coziest fabrics. Although we may not be using them anymore, last night we had our first night without Jax wearing a swaddle and it wasn’t as bad as we imagined!
  7. UPPA baby Cruz Stroller As my mother in law calls it, “the Cadillac of strollers.” I can’t say enough great things about my stroller. I also purchased the matching car seat and bassinet to go with it. They are so simple to switch in and out depending on what you need for your baby that day. The car seat clicks in so easily. I love taking him on walks in his stroller. It moves so nicely and folds up to fit easily in your trunk.
  8. Bumbo Seat I just started using this seat and it already has been so helpful. I rarely get to put my little monster down so this has been a nice change. I can tell he really loves being able to sit up on his own. It’s pretty adorable.
  9. Beco Soliel Carrier– This was the 3rd carrier I tried with Jax. I finally found one that I really liked wearing. This one is comfortable and Jax likes it. I didn’t like any of the typical wraps. I found them hard to put on and confusing. This one wasn’t difficult in the slightest bit!
  10. Bright Beats Robot– This is my son’s favorite toy. I don’t know what it is about this toy but he is obsessed and mesmerized whenever we play it for him. He could sit there for 30 minutes just staring at the lights and listening to the music. Plus there is a function on it where it will repeat anything you say, which has been super fun for my husband!
  11. Wubbanub Pacifier– We have about 5 of these and they are great. Jax can hold onto the stuffed animal part which makes it a lot easier for him to keep in his mouth. They are also easy to find in my bag which is always an issue with missing pacifiers, right? Plus in the middle of the night when he wakes up and it’s dark, I can find them pretty fast next to his crib.
  12. Skip Hop Side Snap Bodysuits– These bodysuits are great. Jax hates when I have to squeeze a shirt over his head. I have found that many companies don’t make their clothes with stretchy fabrics so it’s uncomfortable when I change him. I love the snaps around the neck because it gives me a lot more room to slip the body suit over his head without pain. And they come in really cute patterns and colors.

Hope this helped for all the new mommies and daddies out there!

Happy Shopping!

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