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First Year Faves

Hi Everyone!  It’s hard to believe that my baby boy is almost one year old! In just a few short weeks, we will be celebrating his first birthday. That is total insanity to me! Where did the time go? The first 6 months seem like a total blur. How many tears did we shed? How many firsts did we experience? Am I the best mom I can be? The questions are endless.

12 months have come and gone in a flash. Being a first time mother is both scary and exciting. With all the books you read to prepare yourself for motherhood, I have learned one more important thing, nothing can truly prepare you for the reality of taking care of another human being. The beginning is all about survival and taking it day by day. Friends and family are there to make life easier. Even with all the help in the world, you still want to ensure that you invest in the best and most reliable products out there. I have tried many products and with these past 12 months behind me, I have rounded up my top 10 favorite products from this year. Read my comments below for personal reviews of each product!

I hope this helps all you new mommies out there. Enjoy and happy shopping!

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  1. Uppa Baby Cruz Stroller: Invest in a good stroller. Yes, it’s expensive. If you are going to splurge on something, make it your stroller! You use your stroller every single day. You want one that can maneuver well. Your infant car seat should transfer to your stroller easily and quickly. This one does just that and is one of the main reasons why I love this brand. This stroller is light and easy to carry. If you are planning on having another baby soon, then I would recommend the Uppa Baby Vista which can be converted to make room for two seats.
  2. Uppa Baby Mesa Infant Car Seat: See above 🙂
  3. Becco Baby Carrier: This was the 3rd baby carrier I tried. I was having trouble finding one that was comfortable on my back. This one was by far my favorite. I love how it adjusts sizes so you can use it from the newborn through the toddler stages. They also have them in super cute fabrics!
  4. Zip Front Onesies: No more buttons for me. In between the 20 diapers you are changing throughout the day, there is no time for buttons! Make it easy on yourself and buy zip front onesies. It is so much easier and takes you a quarter of the time dressing your newborn.  You can also try Zippyz, a local south Florida company we love to support!
  5. 4moms Breeze Pack and Play: Love love love. The easiest pack and play to put together. One quick push and the entire thing is open. I have traveled with it 3 times already and my son loves it.
  6. Baby Care Large Play Mat: I have a large play mat as well as those little tile mats you piece together. This one is thicker for hard floors.  It is also nice that you can roll it up and stick in the corner when you’re done with it. Jax loves all the colors.  When your child is mobile, Dwinguler makes a great pen to put around it. Some call it baby jail, I call it a peace of mind.
  7. Skip Hop Changing Mat: This goes where I go. Durable and easy to travel with. Fits perfectly in my diaper bag. It is a great shower gift!
  8. Fisher Price Whale Tub: I used this almost as soon as Jax was born. The first month or so I would give him a sponge bath in the sink. I bought all the other cute whale themed bath toys to go with it!
  9. Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer: Great product. So easy and simple to use. We keep one on each floor in our house.
  10. Fisher Price Rock n’ Play: This was my savior for the first 6 months. He napped and played in this. It vibrates and is super relaxing for your babies!


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