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at-home movie night ideas

At-Home Movie Night Ideas the Whole Family Will Love!

Who doesn’t love movie night??? The snacks and treats, gathering around the big screen, and the giggles of the kiddos through the whole thing – it’s magical! Since going out isn’t the best option right now, we have figured out how to create the ultimate movie night…right in your backyard! So today on FF, we’re bringing you the best at-home movie night ideas your whole family will enjoy!

The Best At-Home Movie Night Ideas

We love watching our movies outside, and our outdoor screen and projector have been especially useful during this pandemic when indoor gatherings aren’t the best idea. There are so many options available on Amazon, but you can also check locally for rentals!

Making a big event of the whole experience is the best part! We set everything up with different stations for snacks and drinks, like a concession stand. We even set up a toy station for when the littlest ones get bored and need a break from the movie.

Another fun thing we like to do is let the kiddos create their own drive-in cars. Any cardboard box will do! Let them paint, color, and even cover their cars with stickers. Whatever makes them happy!

Make it an adventure the kids will remember for years to come!

Here are some of our top ideas for creating the ultimate at-home movie night:

1. Concession Stand for Food

The movies just aren’t the movies without popcorn and candy! Create a fun food bar with all your family’s favorite snacks. We like to decorate the table like a cute concession stand to really drive home the movie theater experience – we even use tickets and play money!

We also fill our concession stand with delicious Safe & Fair Popcorn in so many flavors! The kids really get into picking their perfect popcorn combinations. There’s just something about the movie experience that requires an assortment of popcorn!

You can also put out your family’s favorite treats and movie theater style candy – as long as you don’t mind a little sugar rush before bedtime!

Our kids loved the strawberry shortcake flavored popcorn topped with M&M’s candy!

2. Drink Station

Staying hydrated is always a good idea. And when you’re having an at-home movie night, you can pause for the bathroom breaks – that’s a huge win!

And isn’t everything a little better with a little bubbly?

LaCroix sparkling water comes in a variety of delicious flavors and is perfect for creating that special drink for all ages. Just pour your favorite flavor over fruit for the kids, or add a little something extra for the adults!

My go-to drink is the coconut flavored LaCroix paired with a little coconut rum. It was absolutely delicious!

To make the setup even more appealing, I love to include rainbow colored fruits so everyone can choose what they want in their own drink!

3. Toddler Toy Station

It’s inevitable – toddlers don’t have super long attention spans. They will eventually tire of the movie experience and start to wander.

But with a toddler toy station filled with the best games and toys from Chuckle & Roar, your toddlers won’t interrupt the entertainment for long! We love all the games and toys available from Chuckle & Roar because they have so many options for all ages and their toys are so well made, bright and colorful, and educational with enough entertainment value to keep toddlers interested!

Whenever the littles start to get bored with the movie, they can move to the toy station to play independently to their hearts’ content!

We had a lot of fun with the Flashlight Seek & Find as well as the Scribble Glow Doodle Board. These toys were especially fun after the sun went down!toddler station for movie night

Final Thoughts on Creating the Best At-Home Movie Night

There are lots of fun things to do with your family, but sometimes it’s fun to just stay in and relax at home.

Creating the ultimate at-home movie night makes for the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation.


XO, CGcreate a movie night in your backyard with these tips

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