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When Boredom Strikes – Stay At Home Activities for Kids

We’re entering the months where the kids will be home for longer periods of time with “nothing to do.” Their words, not ours… So today, we want to share with you some of our favorite things to do when you are bored with kids. Because when boredom strikes, you need to pull out all the stops and just have fun! These stay-at-home activities will keep the kids busy and happy for hours.

Staying at home hasn’t been easy during this pandemic, but these activities will be a lifesaver when the kids are bored this spring and summer.


Stay-At-Home Activities

Easy No-Bake Play-dough

This recipe really is easy to do with items you probably already have in your kitchen!

DIY Homemade Ice Cream Party

Who doesn’t LOVE ice cream?! And making it homemade is just the cherry on top!


Healthy Homemade Gummy Bears

If cauliflower can be pizza crust, gummy bears can be healthy! Yes, this recipe has some of our favorite immune boosters, making it a healthy (and fun!) alternative to the traditional candy.

homemade snacks for kids

Family Spring Break Ideas

4 Backyard Games to Entertain the Kids for Hours

Your kids will thank you. Trust us.

ring toss fun

Low Risk Social Distancing Activities for Kids

Want to get away safely? These activities are considered low risk for contracting COVID-19.

social distancing activities for kids

Get Crafty with the Kids

When all else fails, break out the crafts and DIYs! The kids really do love the box more than what’s inside anyway. You know we’re right!

getting crafty when boredom strikes stay at home activities for the kids

Final Thoughts on Stay-at-Home Activities for Kids

This pandemic has been hard on everyone. And you may not be able to travel as planned right now. But staying home doesn’t have to be boring! With a little thought and craftiness, you can make this Spring Break and Summer the best yet.

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