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Tips for getting your child to love their new Zenni Optical Frames

5 Easy Tips to Get your Child to Love their New Frames

Back to school is around the corner. As a parent this transition is already difficult.  Getting children back on a normal sleep schedule, preparing their backpacks, buying supplies and putting together a new wardrobe can be a lot to handle!  Over the next couple months, thousands of parents will bring their children into the pediatricians office for their back to school physical exams. Unfortunately, many of them will be told their child needs to be seen by an optometrist and may need glasses. This can can be incredibly overwhelming for a parent that already is dealing with the many stresses and headaches of back to school time.

If you are one of those parents, I know what is going through your mind. Is my child going to be bullied? Is this going to affect their ability to learn?  How much is this going to cost me?  As a fashion stylist and mom, I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be so terrifying. Today, I am teaming with Zenni Optical to give you Forever Freckled’s top tips to get your kids loving their new frames.

5 Easy Tips to Get your Child to Love their New Frames

Get them involved.  When you find out your child needs glasses, the first thing you want to do is remain positive. Children read your energy. If you seem anxious your child will feel negative about it as well. Get them excited to be a part of the buying process with you!  Zenni makes it fun. They have this really awesome feature on their website that allows your kids to upload photos of themselves and virtually try on the different styles and colors, making it an interactive experience. It’s fun for them and easy for you! And also saves you a trip to the store!

You’ve got mail.  Have the box of frames addressed directly to your child. This will get them excited to check the mail every day and look forward to their new shipment of glasses. Let them know there is something special coming in the mail!

Let kids be kids.  Children are active and unpredictable. There is a lot of pressure on kids not to break their glasses. That is why I love this brand.  Zenni eliminates the stress and high costs by offering you an affordable option for durable frames. With their flexible frames, your child doesn’t have to worry about breaking their glasses and will be able to focus more on the style and how they feel in them! Zenni’s great price point allows you to purchase multiple pairs. What child wouldn’t want a variety to choose from when putting together their outfits for the first week of school?!

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It’s all about accessorizing.  Once the box arrives, plan a fun trip to the mall to pick out a new wardrobe that coordinates with your child’s new frames. Celebrate your child’s unique personality. If your child is more rock and roll or trendy, try pairing one of Zenni’s bold colored frames with a funky jacket, cool graphic tee and a ripped pair of jeans. If your child has a more preppy style then you’re in luck. There is nothing that polishes off a preppy look more than a classic tortoise frame. I love stepping outside the box and mixing interesting textures with cool prints, such as a classic plaid button down underneath a great knit cardigan sweater!

Confidence is key.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you as a parent to talk to your child about the importance of self confidence and embracing your differences. In a world of social media and bullying, it is important to build your child’s character and teach him or her not to worry about what other children think.  A great tip is to plan a movie night before school. Do some research and a find a movie where the main character wears eyeglasses. This will remind them that some of their favorite characters wear glasses just like them, and have superpowers too!

I hope this helps with your journey and gets your kids excited to rock their new frames during the new school year!



*This post is sponsored by Zenni Optical but all opinions and advice are my own!*

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