4 Reasons You Must Go To Legoland

Birthdays are cherished events in the Forever Freckled family. Anytime we get the opportunity to come together and celebrate one of our little freckles, we always make it special. I have such amazing memories of my birthdays growing up. My parents didn’t throw birthday parties but rather created experiences. I try to do the same for my children. With the twins just being born, Alison asked me if we could combine forces and throw our boys a party together. Trying to find something that is memorable for a 3 year old and a 7 year old was becoming difficult, so when Legoland stepped in and offered to help create the perfect day, we jumped at the opportunity.

We gathered up all the cousins and forced the parents to be at our house by 7:30am.  I tried to soften the blow with bagels and a lot of coffee. We rented a party bus and made it to the park by 10:30am. The kids had an amazing time on the bus. I made them all gift baskets filled with travel games and snacks. We played the Legoland movie which made the children even more excited for the park. For some of the little freckles, it was their first time experiencing Legoland. We had the most amazing day. The weather was perfect and the children had the best time. We left the park at 6pm. We put the children in their pjs, fed them dinner, put on a movie, and enjoyed a well deserved glass of wine on the bus ride home. When I put Mason to sleep that night, he told me it was the best day he ever had! Thanks Legoland for creating memories that we will have for a lifetime.  Here are my top 4 reasons that a trip to Legoland is a must for you and your children!



There is something for everyone. We traveled to Legoland with 7 children spanning the ages of 1-1/2 to 9 years.  Surprisingly, we got to enjoy many rides together!  There were at least 5 rides that all the children were able to go on.  Duplo Valley is amazing place where our smallest freckles had an absolute blast. They were able to ride the Duplo train and find the missing farm animals on the Duplo tractor ride.  Luke spent a good portion of the day cooling off in the Duplo splash and play area and Jax loved the Duplo farm playground.  There is an air-conditioned playground for children to slide, climb and crawl surrounded by a host of friendly farm animal statues. As for the big kids, they enjoyed the many rollercoaster rides and building activities. The favorite ride was definitely the driving school, where they got to drive around the Legoland town in their own cars and receive their very own driver’s license.



There is no need for fast passes.  We never waited for more than 15 minutes to get onto a ride. This changed the whole dynamic of the trip. There was no spending hours waiting on lines or trying to coordinate which rides we were going to wait for. More importantly, there was no whining or melts downs. The children ran from ride to ride, enjoying all the park had to offer. We were able to experience almost every ride in the park in the short period of time that we were there.

The hotel is just as much fun as the park. We didn’t stay at the resort this time, but I have experienced the Legoland hotel and it is amazing. Mason couldn’t get enough of the different themed hotel rooms and the playground made out of legos in the lobby. They offer different lego building classes and end every night with the ultimate PJ party. There is a new Lego Beach Resort opening in the spring of this year. It offers individual villas made out of legos. Each villa is a two bedroom suite with individual playgrounds and an amazing pool. Hurry up and open, we can’t wait to visit!



Building the future.  In a time where we are constantly fighting to decrease our children’s screen time, Legos provide an opportunity to build and create.  I am always amazed when watching Mason put together a 600 piece Lego set.  He will sit and concentrate for as long as it takes to complete the project.  It teaches the importance of paying attention to close details and fosters their fine motor skills.  Legoland celebrates the idea of building and gets the children excited to imagine, create, and explore.

Thank you again Legoland for the best day ever!

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