3 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Nosh!

Today is a very exciting day for Forever Freckled! We are happy to announce that we have been asked to become Ambassadors for the brand Nosh. Nosh is an amazing baby food company that has created a line of organic, quick-dissolving, and yummy snacks for new teethers.  As doctors and advocates of pediatric and pet health, it is incredibly important to us to work with companies that promote health and safety for both children and pets.  Forever Freckled’s Dr. Katie is a pediatrician who believes in the safety and nutritional benefits of the Nosh brand and is thrilled to be a part of their journey.

All Natural.  Nosh spent years researching the best and healthiest ingredients. With the help of pediatricians, nutritionists, and bakers, Nosh created the ultimate snack made with premium non- GMO japonica rice. This organic teething wafer is made with absolutely no artificial colors or flavors. It is baked and free from the eight most common allergens. We all want the best for our babies and Nosh offers the most natural and healthiest snacks on the market.  This is the perfect first snack for a teething baby.

It is convenient.  As parents or caregivers, we all need a quick break, sometimes just five minutes to check email or return a phone call.  Nosh snacks provide a tasteful distraction for your baby. The teething wafer allows your child to enjoy a quick-dissolving snack, while you enjoy a quick moment to breathe. Nosh snacks are great for travel and simple to just throw in your diaper bag or purse.  Unlike other teething biscuits that dissolve into a huge mess, Nosh focused on creating a snack that does not require an outfit change.  And it comes in four different flavors, allowing your infant to try new and exciting fruits and vegetables.

Nosh O’Clock.  Nosh not only offers brand products for children, but like Forever Freckled, also provides a platform for the community of parents and child caregivers to learn quick tips and gather great advice to overcome the daily obstacles of parenthood.  Nosh has partnered with nutritionists, chefs, and pediatricians to create an all encompassing website with articles written by the best in their perspective fields.  Whether you need a quick recipe or tips on how to overcome the “Threenager”, Nosh has got you covered. Forever Freckled is honored to be a part of Nosh’s expert panel and we hope you will join us at luv2nosh.com to read our articles and become a part of the Nosh family!

Nosh’s Baby Munchables organic teething wafers will be available in all Babies ‘R Us starting September 4, 2016, but in the meantime, please check out the Nosh website at luv2nosh.com.

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