What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Happy Monday Everyone!

What an amazing weekend I just had! On Sunday, my incredible family threw me the best and most over-the-top baby shower I could have ever dreamed of. I won’t discuss too many details today because next week’s blog will be full of all things BABY SHOWER. I did want to focus this week on one amazing gift my sisters got for me. A packed and ready to go hospital bag. GENIUS IDEA and so useful. If you want to get together with some friends and come up with a creative and unique gift for a friend’s shower this is the way to go. I barely have to go out and buy anything now, which is such a relief. All of the essentials are there and now I have an enormous head start on packing for baby Jax’s arrival.

I have done a lot of research on what to pack and not to pack for the hospital. I put together a collage of all of the items I already have tucked away in my bag. Luckily most of the items came from Target which made things easier as it all came from one store. Plus I live in Target, the best place of all time! This week I am 34 weeks, so I may be a tad ahead of schedule, but you can’t ever be too prepared.

Below I have listed other fun and helpful hospital tips I have gathered during my findings! If you are a mom to be, hopefully this gives you some great ideas on what to pick up before your baby makes his or her grand debut. This blog is just focused on stuff for Mommy. Baby and Dad are easy! It’s me who is the most difficult.

1. Bring your own maxi pads. You may end up using the ones at the hospital but at least you are prepared if you don’t like them or you would feel more comfortable with another style.

2. Although you are set with your big mama undies, word is the mesh underwear the hospital gives you are golden. Everyone has told me to sneak a few extra pairs into my bag before I leave. Done and done!

3. Bring a few extra bags with you for gifts and various items you may get during your stay. Those large reusable grocery bags are perfect for this and can fold easily into your bag before you leave.

4. Bring a small notebook and pen. I know I am going to be asking my lactation nurse a ton of questions and want to be able to record all this valuable information. Plus if people stop by to visit and bring gifts, you want to make sure you have it written down somewhere.

5. If you are like me you are going to want flip flops for the shower and your own bath towel. I am sure hospital towels are pretty tiny and I want to make sure I have everything I need in there, including my own shampoo and conditioner.

6. If you are planning on making a baby book then bring it with you to the hospital! This way you can get your babies hand and foot prints stamped into your book!

7. Other important items I won’t forget: my own pillow, Lanolin breast cream, folder to keep important paper work, snacks, makeup, toiletries and my boppy pillow.

{Target nursing bra with snaps, Target Nursing Bras for Sleep, Target wrap towel for bath, Target comfy sleep shorts, Target knit robe, Target pajama set with buttons for nursing, Target nightgown, Target toiletry bag, Old Navy flip flops for shower, Old Navy Boyfriend tee for going home outfit, Target maternity leggings for going home, Steve Madden going home sandals, Target weekender bag, Target reusable bags for gifts, Target anti-skid socks, Hanes cotton undies, Target boy shorts,}



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