How to Dress for a Bridal or Baby Shower

Baby Showers. Bridal Showers. You have certainly been to your fair share of these fun events! And with a few showers coming up this month for myself and my sister in law, I thought it would be a great blog to give you all some tips on how to dress for a bridal or baby shower. For some reason whenever my sisters and I have a shower coming up, it always seems like a struggle finding the perfect outfit. It’s actually kind of funny because all three of us normally have back up outfits in case we change our minds at the last minute. To help ease the pain of picking out a new shower outfit, here are some great tips to follow before you head out to the malls.

1. Keep in mind the time and location of your shower. If your shower is at noon on a Sunday then you want to make sure you don’t look too dressed up. You will look out of place and a bit over done. If you think your dress may be tipping the line of too fancy, then accessorize with more casual items such as a wedge.

2. If it’s a bridal shower just stay away from white. For a baby or bridal shower, I would stay away from wearing an all black ensemble. Black and white combo is okay, but if you are in head to toe black it may come off a little depressing. Showers are meant to celebrate wonderful events in someones life. Go with bold colors or bright fun prints. Be girly. This is the perfect event for that!

4. Don’t show too much skin. You don’t need to be wearing a mini skirt or cut off shorts in front of grandma. Simply put…dress appropriate for mingling.

5. Keep your blue jeans at home. Pants are 100% okay! Even a nice pair of white jeans with a pretty blouse is a great outfit choice. I just feel that blue denim can come off a bit too casual. Save them for the beach.

6. A dress is not your only option. Rock a chic romper. Find a great printed high waisted short and pair it with a flowy blouse. Maxi skirts with tucked in tops! There are many options other than a dress so don’t feel discouraged if you are not a dress kind of girl.


{Peach wrap blouse, White bonita dress, Coral sheer maxi dress, Short sleeve blue Zara dress,  Black and white striped blouse with tie front, Tangerine ruffled Parker dress, Yum Kim pink maxi dress, White lightweight cowl neck top, Printed Zara top and short, BCBG silk kaftan, Topshop satin A-line striped dress, Black and white printed romper, Lovers and Friends scarlet long sleeve dress, Cutout rose print dress, Mara Hoffman printed maxi, Orange and navy printed maxi, Red ruffle top, Pin stripe long jumper, High low teal maxi dress, Printed floral shirt dress, Floral shift dress, Zara printed tunic, Floral cropped tee, BCBG printed romper}





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