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fun halloween activities with kids

COVID-Friendly Halloween Without Any Compromises

In true 2020 form, Halloween and trick or treat events, along with so many other traditions, will be a bit different this year. For those who follow our blog, you know I love all holidays and go all out! This time of year is truly my favorite, and I always take the extra steps to make sure each and every holiday is amazingly special for our kiddos. I look forward to creating the best memories.

The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us emotionally and physically. And many of us are having a very difficult time, period. The holidays are a time of year that brings happiness and cheer, and I will simply just not allow COVID to get in the way of that happiness!

I wanted to create a Halloween party that embraces the fun and excitement of Halloween with no compromises on the excitement and the experience due to COVID. So today, I’m walking you through our Halloween plan this season. We’re going to ensure the safest, best, and most amazing time, without sacrifice and compromise for our kids. Let’s get started!

Trick or Treat Events are Canceled…OH NO THEY’RE NOT!

Many neighborhoods have canceled trick or treating this year for safety and health reasons. To solve this dilemma, we are creating a mock “trick or treating” event for our own kids.

Our kids are going to walk down the street as usual to go trick or treating. The parents are going to have costumes and take turns running ahead of the crew and stationing on the sidewalk in front of our neighborhood houses. We will hand out treats and have some Halloween fun.

I know this seems like a lot of extra work, but we do not want our kids to feel they missed out on the best part of Halloween. Luckily, our kids are young, so one street with 6 houses will suffice.

But the Halloween festivities won’t stop there for us! We plan to make our way back to our house for some more Halloween fun!

The Halloween Party Continues

After our kids have their mock “trick or treating” experience, we are going to head back to our home for dinner and some other Halloween activities and fun.

So this is where we got creative with how to make this Halloween one our kids will not forget.

Each parent has been assigned two doors in the house…bathroom doors, bedrooms doors, laundry door, etc….you get the idea. We are responsible for decorating the exterior of the door, and providing a treat for the kids.

I asked everyone to go the extra mile and come up with a fun trick or activity to do behind the door. So our kids will run around the house knocking on the doors. The parents will be behind the doors to give out a Halloween treat.

We are all so excited to pull off this fun event this year!

Here are some things we are going to have behind the doors for the kids to engage in.

1. Spider Web Maze

We have an oversized spider web maze that the kids will climb through to get to the treat. You can use regular rope or even toilet paper to create the maze. Don’t forget the fun decorative spiders to hang on the web.

We’re also decorating with these fun glow stick spider jars we made! They were SO easy to make, and they make a really big impact for a spooky evening of Halloween fun!

2. Apple Bobbing

A classic yet a Halloween activity that has lost its popularity over the years! Let’s bring it back! For COVID-friendly apple bobbing, make sure to provide each kid with a separate bucket of apples.

3. Halloween Cookie Decorating

Set up a table with Halloween cookies and decorating supplies. Let the kids use their imagination and create some fun and spooky Halloween cookies. Provide some pictures of ideas they can use to help get their Halloween creativity juices flowing.

4. A Good Old Halloween Scare

Come on parents! This is your time to go all out. Dress up in a scary Halloween costume and jump out when the kids knock on your door. If you do not want to dress up, scare them with some ghosts or ghouls. Be creative!

5. A Haunted House (or Room)

If you are feeling very ambitious, decorate the room as a haunted house. Make sure to play some haunted music and have the kids walk through the room to get to their treat.

6. What’s in the Spooky Bucket?

Again a classic that is losing its popularity! Blindfold the kids and have them place their hands in the buckets to guess what is inside. Use pasta for worms, grapes for eyeballs, etc…You get the idea! This activity is fun and silly for all!

7. Haunted Movie Theater Night

To conclude our special Halloween night, we are setting up our own movie theater on the lawn with tons of blankets and pillows. Of course, we will be featuring a Halloween kids movie. This is a good time to let the kids indulge in all their fun treats while celebrating Halloween.trick or treat events at home movie night

Final Thoughts on Canceled Trick or Treat Events

There are so many ideas to make this Halloween special, despite COVID. Pinterest is great for inspiration. Have fun, and bring back some childhood memories while you create some for your kids.

Your party can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. The idea is to celebrate and create some happiness.

The pandemic has robbed us and our kids of so many fun traditions and routines. Let’s make sure we all have a fun, memorable holiday while being safe and healthy.

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

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