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peanut free Halloween treats

5 Super Easy AND Peanut-Free Halloween Treats

Halloween marks the start of the holiday season! The children count the days until they get to dress in their favorite characters and get spoiled with candy and treats. For many parents, now is the time to decorate, pick out the perfect costumes for your kids, and stock up on candy. However, for a parent with a child suffering from peanut allergy, this holiday can be a nightmare. Before their children can enjoy any candy, parents must be certain only to allow peanut free Halloween treats.

Explaining to a child with a peanut allergy that they cannot have the same snacks and candies that their friends enjoy is stressful but not as stressful as dealing with an allergic reaction from the child eating food with peanuts. I give so much credit to these parents. They work so hard to give their children a spooktacular Halloween filled with festive and safe candy and snacks.

If you are throwing a Halloween party for a small group of friends or family this year, I urge you to try to throw a peanut free party.

It is actually not that hard!

There are so many fun and easy snacks and treats that are peanut free, and I want to share some of them with you!peanut free halloween candy corn mason jar fruit cups

1. Candy Corn Mason Jar Fruit Cups

This one is super easy and delicious! First, pick out fruits that are yellow and orange in color. We used pineapple and mandarin oranges for ours, but cantaloupe is great as well! Fill the bottom of the mason jar with pineapple, then the oranges, and top it off with whipped cream. If you are hosting a Halloween party, I recommend waiting until your guests arrive to put the whipped cream on top. I love the idea of putting a few candy corn pieces on top also!cheese ghosts

2. Cheese Stick Ghosts

This idea is so cute for a lunchbox or after school snack! Just a quick and easy way to get them excited for Halloween. All you need is a marker to make adorable ghost faces on the cheese stick package. Fast, easy, and fun!Apple slice Dracula teeth

3. Apple Slice Dracula Teeth

This snack is so much fun to make with the kids! It is relatively easy but can be a little messy! I bought a bag of pre-sliced apples, but with one whole apple you can make 3 sets of teeth. For a completely nut free spread, sun butter is a great option. You can also find a nut-free chocolate spread. Spread one side of the sliced apple with the spread. Use 6-to-8 white mini-marshmallows and place them onto the spread. Apply the spread on another apple slice and place it spread-side down to make the apple slice sandwich. Then scare all your friends with your marshmallow Dracula teeth – or just make them giggle!pumpkin oranges

4. Pumpkin Oranges

This healthy and easy snack screams Halloween. It is so perfect for a party, especially a peanut free Halloween party. All you need is a bag of tangerines (peeled) and some celery pieces for the pumpkin vines. I love the idea of having a little sign that says “Pumpkin Patch”!popcorn corn on the cob

5. Popcorn Corn on the Cob Snack bags

Not all children celebrate Halloween, so these snack bags are a great treat to simply celebrate the fall season! This one requires a little bit more shopping but is totally worth the extra effort.

Materials Needed:

  1. Small ziplock snack bags
  2. Popcorn (popped)
  3. Green tissue paper
  4. String
  5. Double-sided tape
  6. Scissors


  1. Fill bag with popcorn. Make sure not to fill too much, about 3/4 of the way.
  2. Tape the zipper side of the bag down so it is hidden in the back.
  3. Wrap the bag of popcorn with the green tissue paper and twist at the bottom.
  4. Tie the end with a fun string.
  5. Cut the excess tissue paper.

Final Thoughts on Peanut Free Halloween Treats

Halloween can be really scary and dangerous for a child with a peanut allergy. Enjoy these quick and easy tips for both parents of children with peanut allergies and parents hosting peanut free Halloween parties!

Tips To Hosting a Peanut Free Halloween Party

  1. If your guests are bringing snacks, make sure they are peanut free.
  2. Know what candies are peanut free.
  3. Make a sign at the party indicating the candy is peanut free.
  4. Set up a craft table! There are so many easy and fun Halloween crafts that can give a parent a chance to have fun and celebrate Halloween without the focus being on candy.
  5. Instead of giving away candy, try glow in the dark bracelets! If the children are the appropriate age, glow in the dark jewelry is not only a fun favor but can help parents and cars see children while trick or treating in the dark streets. The Dollar Store is a great place to find them!

Tips for Keeping Children with Peanut Allergies Safe on Halloween

  1. Always be prepared! Never leave the house without your child’s epipen.
  2. Know what candy is peanut free and what candy is made in a factory without peanuts.
  3. If your child is old enough to go to a Halloween party without you, make sure to talk to them about the importance of letting the host know about their allergy and not eating anything without it being checked by an adult.
  4. Bring peanut free candy with you while trick-or-treating, so your child can enjoy candy too!
  5. Always check your child’s bag of candy before allowing them to eat it!
  6. Look for teal pumpkins. Did you know that putting a teal pumpkin on your doorstep means you have non-food treats available, such as glow sticks or small toys? This simple act promotes inclusion for trick-or-treaters with food allergies or other conditions.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!hosting a peanut free Halloween party

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