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DIY Halloween Popcorn Hands

Hi Guys!

Al are you seeing this? In my world it is officially holiday season! Around here, the holidays are a huge deal. I think the excitement and love of the holiday season started with our grandmother. She was the queen of decorating the most festive home and always came up with fun and exciting projects for us to do together. Our Nonnie (which is what we called her) had her own arts and crafts room in her home. C’mon Alison get on it! We need this lol. This room was filled from top to bottom of every DIY project, craft and decoration you could possibly imagine. Every time my sisters and I do an art project with the kids, l always feel like she is somehow there with us too. So for this weeks blog, we wanted to put together a super simple and easy DIY project that you can do with your little ones for Halloween. You don’t need to be overly talented in the crafts department to take this one on…I promise!

The kids had so much fun doing this! Oh and BEWARE, your kids will most likely eat a ton of snacks throughout this activity haha. Below I have listed out the ingredients you need and the instructions on how to put together your Halloween popcorn hands. If you need to come up with a school project this would be a really great one! It’s not messy and inexpensive to put together. Enjoy and happy almost Halloween!

  • disposable gloves
  • popcorn (we used a mixture of white and cheddar)
  • candy corn
  • rope or ribbon
  • optional: spider webs, spiders rings and other halloween decor you want to add to your hand

  1. Place a candy corn in each of the fingers on the gloves
  2. Fill the entire inside of your glove with popcorn, making sure you fill it completely
  3. Tie the top of your glove with rope or ribbon. Once you put your hands on display your kids can add spider webs or little spider rings! Anything else to make it look even creepier. Maybe some toy worms!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Carrie, Katie and Alison

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