Tips For The Week

Tips for the Week

Alison’s Tip

After your pet’s bath or swim, make sure to clean his or her ears with an ear cleaner that has a drying agent in it.  A common cause of ear infections is moisture in the ear.  My favorite ear cleaner is Epi-Otic Advanced.

Katie’s Tip

We see a lot of burns from cooking accidents in the ER.  When cooking with toddlers in the house, make sure to always use the back burners of your stove and that the handle of your pot or pan faces backwards.

Carrie’s Tip

How to fix clumpy mascara? You will eventually get to a point when your mascara dries out and becomes clumpy. Add a few drops of Visine to your tube, rub your wand around a bit, and your mascara will soften and be like new!


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